Morgan County R-II had school Monday after an investigation of a possibly threatening post on social media was determined not to be a credible threat.

Superintendent Dr. Joyce Ryerson said that she received a copy of the social media post Sunday, describing it as something that could possibly be perceived as threatening or sinister but not containing any direct language about a threat. The post expressed anger towards the school district for perceived past slights.

While the post was somewhat ambiguous, the potential for threat was taken seriously and law enforcement was contacted.

The police investigation, involving multiple jurisdictions, resulted in the person being located in a nearby county in mid-Missouri. The individual had not been a student at MCR2 for around 10 years.

After locating and talking with the individual, no violent intent was found, and school officials decided to hold classes.

In October 2017, the school saw another situation with a different person that also had threatening overtones. That investigation found no credible threat as well.