It was something nice in what seems like a sea of bad news these days.

Gene O’Farrell has been stopping at Lake Oasis Convenience Store in Camdenton for a few more years than he cares to admit. He’s been living in the Camdenton area for 38 years.

Gene always gets his lottery tickets at Lake Oasis on N. Business 5. He turned his old ones in this Monday to be checked, like usual, but didn’t think he’d won anything.

When he went back later in the week, though, he got quite a surprise — $60 that he wasn’t expecting at all.

The two ladies who were working recognized him by his hat. When one of the ladies saw him walk in, she told him, “We made a mistake.” One of the lottery tickets Gene had brought in Monday was a $60 winner, and they had made a mistake when they checked it. They realized later that he had won though and saved his winnings for him.

Gene couldn’t believe that they saved the money when they could have walked away with it without anyone being the wiser.

He stopped by the newspaper Friday and told the story to say thanks to Jenn and Erica at Lake Oasis, and let the public know that there’s still good people and good things happening in the world.