An Eldon man has been charged with three counts of felony drug possession after a state trooper allegedly found multiple types of illicit drugs hidden in the man's personal area during a traffic stop in Miller County Tuesday morning.

According to the probable cause statement filed against Matthew C. Edington in Miler County Associate Court, a search of Edington after he allegedly lied to the trooper about his name revealed fentanyl patches, marijuana, methamphetamine and morphine pills “in his crotch region.”

The traffic stop occurred around 11 a.m. February 20, 2018 after the trooper said he received information from the Mid Missouri Drug Task Force that Edington, wanted on two active felony warrants for past drug charges, was traveling in the area in a black Ford Tempo with possible illegal drugs on his person.

Watching traffic along US 54 near Walnut Grove, the court document states the trooper spotted a Tempo and stopped the vehicle for operating with a loud exhaust on Midway Road near Highway 52.

The 30-year-old was a passenger in the car along two others and the driver.

According to the court document, a man later identified as Edington allegedly hesitated then told the trooper a name that was not Matthew Edington and provided a birth date, upon questioning about the identities of the subjects in the vehicle. 

The trooper had the suspect, described in the court document as “nervous and fidgety,” come back to the patrol car.

“He kept his hands around his waist and was making me uncomfortable. I asked him if he had any weapons on his person. He removed three knives from his waist and pockets,” the trooper wrote.

A pat-down of the suspect did not uncover any other weapons.

With the two at the patrol car, the name provided came back to a resident of Camdenton. The Department of Revenue photo of the suspect looked like Edington though, according to the trooper. Upon further questioning, the suspect could not provide a middle name, but still reportedly continued to insist that it was his name. 

The trooper stated that he confronted the suspect about allegedly lying and pulled a card out of the suspect’s back pocket with the name Matthew Edington on it. The suspect then admitted his name was Matthew Edington. 

After confirming Edington’s warrants with Troop F Communications, the court document states the trooper searched Edington. Finding the drugs, Edington was secured in the patrol car and read his Miranda rights.

A search of the car allegedly uncovered a container with a marijuana pipe in the center console and “a Black Jack” on the passenger’s seat which Edington said was his.

The warrants for Edington’s arrest stem from a felony drug possession charge from an arrest in December 2016 in Lake Ozark and a felony drug possession charge from February 14, 2017 in Lake Ozark. Edington also has past convictions for misdemeanor resisting arrest and the felonies of forgery and stealing.