Move aimed at more transparency from county government

Within the recent weeks, Camden County auditor Jimmy Laughlin made a significant addition to the county website by adding an auditor’s document section. This section allows visitors to view county audit reports, county budget reports, and more. Soon, Laughlin will be posting the 2018 budget as well as the most recent audit report. This is the first instance of a public information of this level being included on the country website. 

Laughlin believes this is an important step in helping to make Camden County more transparent as a whole. He says that this move should make accessing this information much easier for any resident by making it more instantly accessible. Without having to go through a middle-man to gain access to these files, he says it should help to get more people engaged if curious to know any of the information present. 

“It’s the openness of what happens in this county that I’m hoping to change,” Laughlin said. “I want people to know where there money is going.” 

Laughlin says that, since taking the auditor position, one of his main goals was to improve on the position of auditor as a whole. This is a move that he says pushes that goal forward. He hopes to have the 2018 budget available on the website within 2-3 weeks and has plans to expand on what the site has to offer throughout the year. He hopes that this information will enthuse residents to bring their needs to him. He says that many counties to this point have already established a similar system and that it was time for Camden county to join in. 

“My goal is to provide information and encourage anyone with questions or suggestions to give me a call at the courthouse,” Laughlin said.

These documents are available by going to and selecting the Auditor link on the left hand menu. At the bottom of this page are seperate links to budget and audit reports.