Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor is in reference to a letter from Dr. Ira S. Williams of Gravois Mills that ran as “Asking FBI employee about voting out of bounds” in the February 2, 2018 Lake Sun.

I just read a piece where one of your readers, Rev. Dr. Ira S. Williams, thinks it’s none of the President's business, how someone from the FBI voted. Under normal circumstances, I would agree but these are anything but normal circumstances. He lauds Obama and goes on further to say Trump’s actions are reprehensible, calling him a playground bully.

I would like to ask the good Rev., which of Obama’s qualities does he want The President to demonstrate? Prior to the election Obama said he went to Jeramiah Wrights church and worshiped there for the past 20 years, only to find out 6 months later, that he said he would have to stand with his Muslim brothers. Then there is the issue of a skid load of money sent to Iran in the middle of the night, or the uranium deal, Benghazi, the line in the sand, his failure to face down Assad and my personal favorite the freeing of Bergdahl and Manning. He calls Trump a playground bully, after reviewing the above I have to call Obama a frightened coward.

He ends his pontifical rant with, “shame on you”. Does he not know about Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Jim Comey, aren’t they FBI agents? Were they fair to Trump? How about the text message that says, President Obama, “wants to know everything we’re doing”. It seems, if Obama does it, it’s OK but if Trump does it, woe be tide. Don’t seem to be too much fairness in his church. I do believe his halo might be getting a little too tight.