Heather Miller officially sworn in after appointment to the position

Camden County has a “zealous advocate” in new prosecuting attorney Heather Miller.

Those were Judge Kenneth Hayden’s words as he spoke highly of the newly-appointed prosecutor just before administering the oath of office Tuesday afternoon for the attorney who takes the place of Michael Gilley.

Gilley was appointed to fill a vacancy for associate circuit judge.

Gov. Eric Greitens recently announced Miller’s appointment, but she has been acting as interim prosecutor in Gilley’s stead since he took his new office in recent months.

Hayden described Miller as “unflappable” and praised her determination and professionalism.

Miller’s parents Stan and Kathy Harris, husband Eric and children Barrett and Eric were on hand for the ceremony as well as several other attorneys and judges and law enforcement. 

Miller came to work in the justice system through a more nontraditional route.

Her parents musicians and experiencing career education in school, she said during a brief speech following taking the oath, she never had any intention of becoming an attorney, thinking of the great responsibilities of such a position.

Instead, Miller worked for many years as a boat captain. She is originally from Alaska. That’s where she met her husband, originally from Lebanon.

Her first exposure to the criminal justice system was oil workers, many of whom were had had run-ins with the law and courts.

As a boat captain, Miller said she did some amazing things, but “eventually you grow up and start thinking of the impact you’re making” in the world. Her father-in-law Jack Miller was an attorney, to whom she attributes her entrance into the law.

“He showed me the impact you could have,” said Miller, calling her legal career a “call to service.”

“There’s no better way to serve, and I’ve been graced to learn and work with amazing people,” she commented.

Heather Miller began working for the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office under former prosecutor Brian Keedy and continued with Gilley.

Miller promised to keep an open door and looked forward to what she and the other officials in the local judicial system could accomplish together. 

It should also be noted that Heather Miller is the first female prosecutor to head the county office in the tri-county Lake area.