Not only is the retirement center celebrating one century birthday this week, they're marking the 103rd birthday of another resident.

There's lots of birthday excitement at Lakeside Meadows in Osage Beach.

Not only is the retirement center celebrating one century birthday this week, they're marking the 103rd birthday of another resident.

Susan Campbell, who was featured in a Lake Media news story noting her 102nd birthday, turned 103 on Feb. 13. Just down the hall, Mary Barber turned 100 on Feb. 15.

A good reason to not only celebrate Valentine's Day at Lakeside Meadows, but a great celebration of life.

In an interview a year ago, the quick-witted Campbell quipped that the reporter must be hard up for news to feature her.

Campbell was born in 1915 in Chelsea, Iowa, five years before women were given the right to vote with the adoption of the 19th Amendment. That's a long time ago, and Mrs. Campbell doesn't remember for whom she voted in her first presidential election. 

But in her feisty way, she responded: Are you asking me for a miracle?

Another year hasn't diminished her spirit as she made a silly face at the request of having her picture taken.

Mrs. Campbell and her late husband, Edward, moved to Missouri and built a home on Big Island in 1985. Edward had been in construction and worked in Colorado and California while she taught. She remembers substitute teaching all subjects in a one-room Iowa schoolhouse for about six months while a friend was away from the classroom. While a resident of Iowa, Mrs. Campbell taught school and her husband worked at Kiowa Corporation in nearby Marshalltown. She later taught mostly junior high students in the states where her husband worked. 

Barber, who frowned at the thought of a picture, was born in 1918, in the small rural town Goldfield, Iowa. Her family moved to Rockwell City, Iowa, when she was a freshman in high school and graduated in 1934. Barber continued her education at Iowa State College in Ames (Iowa State University today) where she received a degree in textiles and clothing design in 1939.

She laughs aloud, saying she thought designer Christian Dior would surely hire her.

Barber was offered a job at Younkers to start in the fall after her graduation, so she came home for the summer and took a trip to the World's Fair in New York, When she returned, she learned that Younkers had discontinued the design program.

She realized that her dreams of dress designing were a long shot in Iowa, so she put her dream on hold and went to work as a research analyst in Iowa City -- and thought she was doing well at $50 a month. She bought a fur coat with her first paycheck.

Barber married and had three children -- two boys and a girl. She eventually went back to school and earned a master's degree in counseling. She got a job in Arlington Heights, Ill., as a guidance counselor where she eventually retired.

Her world travels in her 100 years have taken her to Italy, Germany, Austria Switzerland, England, Hawaii and Alaska.