It sounded like a scam, and Morton refused to be drawn in.

A Gravois Mills man is warning others to beware of phone scams making their way through the Lake area in recent weeks. 

Jim Morton said he received a phone call this week from a man claiming to be with Microsoft, telling him his license had expired and needed to be renewed. 

It sounded like a scam, and Morton refused to be drawn in.

It is in fact a long-running scam that is hitting around the Lake area right now.

Microsoft has issued warnings about this type of scam, that is likely looking to sell you a bogus software license or trick you into installing malicious software and making the data on your computer vulnerable.

According to Microsoft, cybercriminals often use publicly available phone directories so they may know your name and other personal information, and might guess what your operating system is.

A Marine Corps veteran and retired volunteer firefighter, Morton wanted to warn the public that the scam is likely making the rounds in the area. 

He also received another scam call a few weeks earlier. This one sought help from grandpa to post jail money and wanted Morton to send $10,000.

Bottom line, do not trust unsolicited calls, and do not provide personal information.