What ever happened to the privacy of the voting booth?
In America the voting booth is a sacred place. We assume that our vote is ours and ours alone. We do not have to declare for all to see or hear for whom we voted. It’s what makes America Great.
Mr. President, it’s none of your business how someone votes. How one votes should not be a prerequisite for serving the country.  To ask an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation how he voted reeks of someone looking for persons to serve the emperor and not our country. You are not—as much as you want to be—the emperor of this country. You can do this with your cabinet members but not with members of a free-standing judicial branch of government.  
President Obama had many Republicans serve the nation in very important positions. He did not ask them how they voted. He chose them on how their talents and skills could best serve the country. Those were the days when intelligence agencies and a free press were not attacked by callous, irresponsible, partisan trash talk. Of course, to ask a playground bully to demonstrate the qualities of Obama is asking a lot.  Shame on you. Bad, very bad.