A regular at Lake Ozark Board meetings heaped praise on the police department and a recent fund raiser for one of its officers, but subtly chided aldermen for not attending the special soup supper.
"You would have been so proud," Lake Ozark resident Laura Edwards told the board recently. "I have never been so proud of Lake Ozark. These guys worked hard on this, putting this (fundraiser) on."
The fundraiser was hosted at the Senior Activity Center by the Lake Ozark Police Department and LOPD Benevolent Association on behalf of officer Shane Pierce who recently received a new kidney. Pierce and the kidney donor, Courtney Powell, have been the focus of much media attention lately.
"I just wish that the mayor and all six of the board members had been there Saturday," Edwards said. "But I know other things happen and you can't always be at these things."
The city administrator, his wife and one of the aldermen were among those attending including law enforcement officers from around the area and several families.  
Edwards said the fundraiser was a "real positive event" for the city and added that "people don't realize how lucky we are here. I've never seen such a moment."
She also applauded LOPD's Kids' Academy and the involvement of Officer Pierce.
"You should be really proud," she told the board and city officials. "You've picked some good ones (officers) and I hope you keep them."

New equipment
Aldermen approved a resolution accepting a proposal from Scheppers International Truck Center of Jefferson City for the purchase of an International chassis for $68,377, and a sewer vacuum body from Knapheide Truck Equipment of Jefferson City for $41,000. Total cost: $109,377.
The board authorized the purchase of a new sewer vacuum truck after the city's 1996 truck broke down again. It was purchased in 2006 from state surplus.
Matt Michalik, public works director, said the city spent $14,000 two years ago for repairs and estimates a minimum of $20,000 would be needed to get the vehicle running again. City Administrator Dave Van Dee said the city relies on the truck to pump out lift stations.
The board also authorized the purchase of a trailer from Anderson Dairy Equipment in Lebanon for $14,446 to be used to haul equipment.