I appreciate talking with you this afternoon about a subject very troubling to my husband and I and our neighbors:  Logging.  We do not have an issue with people wanting to make some money by logging the trees in their forest.  I understand them making a profit from their property.  The problem I have is the logging company they hire, and the fact that there are no standards by which a logging company must follow.  The company logging this area is using, has no regard for the forest, the neighborhood, the wildlife or this beautiful countryside.  They are trashing any area they touch by leaving all the branches, leaves, and large logs that do not meet their standards; just leaving them where they fall.  It truly looks like a war zone.
I invite you and all who read this message to drive Hwy. 135 from Laurie to Hwy. J, looking at the south side of the road where they've logged.  The North side has some very large trees down from the storm last summer.  This is beautiful countryside gone bad, due to logging by such a disinterested company.  Hwy. 135 is a road many take to the lake from K.C. and other places, and I must say I am embarrassed for the community, that we allow such disregard for the appearance & care of the land.  Please take Hwy. J toward the lake and both sides of the road have been devastated.  They are ravaging the land, leaving it in such turmoil.  
Many resort areas have organizations that would not allow this. In Hilton Head, South Carolina, you can not even cut down a single tree without a permit. Please, let's have some pride in our beautiful countryside and community.  We are well-traveled, and feel this part of the county is blessed with lovely forests and lakes with more shoreline than California. Why are there no standards in place to protect this beautiful land and our investments?
We are upset, not only because we own property and live in this area, but because it does not need to be this way.  My husband has a nephew in the logging business in southern Missouri, and he always mulches remaining branches, leaving the area cleaned up, because his reputation is at stake.  This is not a promotion for his nephew, he does very well on his own, but rather a statement that reputable companies are out there.  We desperately need to have laws and standards to protect our forests and our community.  We also must have the ability to enforce them (nothing mean spirited, just practical protecting this beautiful countryside for ourselves and generations to come.)  
I would suggest you drive the area, take some picture, find out the name of the company logging this area and publish the pictures, the name of the logging company, and my statement please.  
Please, let’s organize a committee to begin the process of setting some standards for this area.  We volunteer and I know several who would be willing to participate and voice their concerns as well.  I really hope your paper will help us bring this to the attention of the people who live and enjoy the lake.  Please keep me informed of your actions on our behalf, which we greatly appreciate.