Officials debate switch to single-vendor system from multiple companies now offering services

Osage Beach residents could see a change in their trash service, but it won't be for at least two years.
The board of aldermen is considering residential trash service through a single, contracted vendor rather than allowing multiple companies to offer service to residents as it does now. There are as many as six vendors that provide service within the city currently.
Doing so has several advantages, city officials say, including:
•A reduction in wear and tear on road surfaces
•Less heavy truck traffic through neighborhoods with one vendor rather than multiple vendors
•Improved public safety
•Potential to negotiate lower, fixed-waste service costs to residents
•Develop routes that have a positive impact on vehicle traffic

"It is common for cities to provide waste removal service, most often by contracting with a single, private vendor," City Administrator Jeana Woods explained in a memo to the board.
There are several options available to contract with a single vendor to provide the best service to residents, she said.
However, cities are required by state law to give vendors a two-year notice of the intent to provide single-vendor service that would be contracted through the city. Woods suggested that process could start now, and to provide the public opportunity for feedback through public forums or regular board meetings.
With the board one member short due to a vacation, aldermen voted to table further discussion until all aldermen are present.
Alderman Kevin Rucker doesn't want the two-year clock to begin until more information is available.
Commercial service would continue to be handled between the business and the vendor.
Lake Ozark currently contracts with a single vendor for standard residential trash service. If a property owner remodels or demolishes their home, they can get a dumpster from any hauler for the construction debris. The city handles billing for residential customers, and businesses are billed directly by the vendor for service.

Other business
•The board approved a change order totaling $4,719.50 for Phase 3 of the Dude Ranch Sidewalk project to cover additional costs for seeding and mulch.
•The board approved the purchase of 55 new replacement wastewater grinder pumps of various sizes at a cost of $161,767.60 to provide additional inventory. Contract is awarded to Municipal Equipment Company of St. Louis.
•The board approved second and final approval of contracts for asphalt overlay of Barry Prewitt Drive from Osage Beach Parkway east to near the end of city maintenance, and for slurry seal of several roads in the Nichols Road area along with a section of College Blvd.
•The board applauded the Public Works Department for its handling of snow removal on public streets.