I woke up recently to a Nancy Pelosi diatribe, she was insinuating that the thousands of dollars passed on from U.S. companies to their employees were just crumbs. That they are, when you compare them to her ill-gotten millions. Take a look at California a present day Sodom (as in Genesis) you have actors who think they are smart, politicians who are not very smart and a state that is bankrupt. Hollywood would have an awards show every week, just so those people could continue to tell each other how great they are.
When you look at the wealth of the actors, the politicians and consider the position the State is in, Ray Charles could see there is something wrong here. What is wrong here is obvious, illegals, sanctuary cities and a blatant disregard for federal law, all of which while asking for Federal Aid. Doesn’t make much sense does it? De Niro, Streep, Streisand, Hanks and a had full of others probably have enough between them to right the ship called California but they feel much more comfortable calling the President names and blaming him. De Niro has played so many tough guys he think he’s one, to me he is just another Hollywood punk who got lucky.
We in the mid-west hold the TRUMP card, we are the power, California, Illinois and New York are in deep financial trouble and before we begin to assist them they should be required to abide by our rules. I urge the President to hold as to our values which are nothing less than the difference between right and wrong.
In recent times California has had to deal with; earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides, mudslides and sexual misbehavior by their elite, sounds a lot like that story I was referring to earlier.
When I heard the Pelosi thing I went looking for this piece I wrote 60 years ago. I thought it reminded me of these Hollywood elitists.

“The Trophy”
I think it was back in Genesis
Or somewhere there about,
When a tribe of chosen people
Became suddenly filled with doubts.
When their leader up and left them
And they were feeling somewhat lost,
They built themselves a golden calf
And spared not a single cost.
To them the calf meant many things
A crutch to lean on
When their knees became weak,
It was something to pray to
When they wanted to eat.
But it strikes me strange or more so sad
As to how weak our faith
When the vision is bad.
But since-then we’ve come
a long, long way
Golden calves belong to yesterday
And no man less those lacking sense
Would honor a creature of greater ignorance.
For fear his peers believe his thinking dead
So he replaced the cow with his image
And cast it in lead.