The property was the location of a proposed yurt resort which failed to gain the necessary zoning to operate in 2005.

A proposal to replace an abandoned yurt resort with an RV park failed to get a nod of recommendation from the Camden County Planning Commission.

In October, the commission held a public hearing on an application from Raymond Anderson to rezone a 31-acre tract on Thongtree Road from single family residential to general commercial. The stated intent was to develop a lakefront RV park at the site off of Highway 5 south of Sunrise Beach.

Residents opposed the rezoning, preferring a residential development even if it was a low income type as suggested as an alternative by Anderson.

According to P&Z Chairman Jacob Neusche, the property was too far from the commercial area on the highway to justify the zoning, and under the Camden County Unified Land Use Code, many other types of businesses could be developed at the site under the proposed zoning that might be more burdensome to the residential area.

The property was the location of a proposed yurt resort which failed to gain the necessary zoning to operate in 2005. A modern yurt is a portable round camping unit often built on a wooden platform. The former owner had already placed 10 yurts in this style on the lakefront tract prior to receiving the necessary commercial parks (C-2) zoning at the time.

While residents appreciated Anderson and his partners removing the yurts and cleaning up the property, they remained concerned about the impact of commercial use in their residential area.

The case will now go before the county commission which has the final decision on rezoning. It will likely be heard at a county commission hearing during the day next month.

Commission Approves Rezoning Requests

Two Lake Ozark businesses received final approval for rezoning requests from the Camden County Commission on Thursday morning.

Both cases had originally been tabled due to opposition from residents during public hearings, however, the Camden County Planning Commission had recommended the two for approval by votes of seven-to-one in favor.

The first request was from Bill Borders of Li’l Rizzos on Horseshoe Bend Parkway to rezone a parking lot from R-1 Residential to B-2 General Commercial. According to Planning and Zoning Administrator Kim Willey, the satellite parking lot will be used for a food truck or fast-food type modifications, though any uses will still have to comply with codes and regulations.

There was no opposition during the Commission meeting and Second District Commissioner Don Williams made a motion to approve based on the P&Z Commission vote. The motion was seconded and duly passed by Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty.

The second request was from Madden Manufacturing on Dogwood Road to rezone a 3.19-acre piece of property across the street from the production facility from R-1 Residential to I-1 Industrial. Resident Tom O’Brien spoke in opposition of the request, stating that traffic on the road had increased along with semi-trucks and tractor-trailers and property values could only go down from the expansion.

The commissioners voted to approve the request citing the P&Z Commission’s recommendation.

Reporter Cody Mroczka added reporting to this story.