The 30-acre tract adjacent to Sunrise Beach is up for a rezoning hearing in November

Four years after being denied a rezoning to expand, the mining company operating a quarry in Sunrise Beach is back with another proposal.
The Camden County P&Z Office has confirmed that Magruder Companies has made an application for the same 30 acres it made a proposal on in 2013. Magruder is on the planning commission’s Nov. 15, 2017 agenda seeking to rezone the tract on Tree Lane adjacent to the south of the current quarry on Highway 5 in Sunrise Beach.
The property is currently zoned agriculture-residential.
In 2013, the 30-acre tract in question was owned by Charles and Phyllis Turner with Magruder having an option to purchase. It is unclear at this time whether they are still the owners or not.
The Troy, Mo.-based company is going for straight industrial zoning which allows mining as a primary use.
In 2013, the business had applied for general commercial zoning with a special use permit - applied for through the board of adjustments - for mining. The plan then was to get an SUP restricting mining to 15 years with Magruder then promising to develop the leveled combined 60-acre site (current and proposed quarries) into a retail shopping center.
According to owner Mark Magruder at the time, he made the former proposal to end quarry operations early at the existing quarry and leave a more useable property once mining is done.
The rezoning and SUP were ultimately denied by the Camden County Commission of that time.
The zoning of surrounding properties includes mostly single family residential to the south and west with some agriculture-residential as well. There is general impact commercial zoning across the highway to the east and a small section of general commercial to the south on Highway 5.
Numerous residents in the area of the existing quarry, still in operation, opposed the rezoning over concerns about blasting.
There is a significant history between the quarry at this site and the residents, although not necessarily with Magruder. At one point, a group of residents formed the Sunrise Beach Quarry Accountability Committee after major complaints over alleged damage to property and safety.
While those complaints mainly occurred under a different quarry operator and owner, residents have been ever leery of mining operations and any proposed expansion since, citing little state or government control over mining operations in Missouri.
The group’s efforts eventually lead to some changes in state blasting ordinances as well as the implementation of planning and zoning in Sunrise Beach in 2009.
The existing quarry is located within the city limits of the Village of Sunrise Beach. The proposed expansion area is outside city limits within Camden County Planning & Zoning jurisdiction.
Because of an intergovernmental agreement between Sunrise Beach and the county, the village had the opportunity then and now to comment on P&Z cases within one-and-a-half miles of city limits, with its opinion being weighted. If the village officially opposes a proposal, the county needs supermajorities to pass a case.
The Sunrise Beach Planning Commission is scheduled to review the current proposal Nov. 6 and will make a recommendation to the board of trustees for a final decision at its meeting Nov. 13.
Trustees opposed the rezoning and SUP in 2013. The village government has had its own history with the quarry at this location, accepting the existing quarry years before into the village limits without realizing ongoing complaints by residents in the county jurisdiction.
The existing quarry was voluntarily annexed prior to zoning in the village. Upon implementation of zoning, the Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees did opt to zone the quarry property commercial, making the mining a grandfathered use. If the quarry were to cease operations for a certain length of time, it would lose its legal standing as a grandfathered use and would not be allowed to operate.
Magruder has locations in Troy, Shelbina, Frankfort, Foley, Ashley, Silex, Lake Ozark and Sunrise Beach. Magruder Companies subsidiaries include Magruder Paving, Magruder Limestone and G&M Concrete & Asphalt.
From its Lake Ozark and Sunrise Beach locations, it has done several significant paving projects in the Lake area, getting contracts from the Missouri Department of Transportation for overlay projects on Highway 5 and Highway 54 among others.
Also new on the agenda for the Camden County Planning Commission Nov. 15, Sunrise Bay Condominiums is seeking to rezone 10 acres from single family residential to multi-family residential. Immediate plans include garages for existing lakefront condominiums. Sunrise Bay Condominiums were formerly Shawnee View Condominiums. This development is located off of Shawnee Four Drive.