The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently awarded $382,914 to Missouri communities through its Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) grant program. TRIM grants offer cost-share funding for government agencies, public schools and nonprofit groups to manage, improve or conserve trees on public lands.

“Trees make life better for our cities and towns every day,” said MDC Community Forestry Program Supervisor Russell Hinnah. “TRIM grants help communities with tree inventory, pruning, planting, and programs that help keep our neighborhood trees healthy and thriving.”

Trees work in Missouri communities to provide an amazing number of benefits, from cleaning the air and water to reducing stress and helping children concentrate. Just like any other natural resource, it takes active involvement to keep community trees thriving.

“Tree inventories are an important way for communities to manage and plan for the future. You have to know not only where the trees are, but how to care for them. An inventory allows a community to thoughtfully plan work rather than responding to the latest disaster,” said Hinnah.

A tree inventory is particularly important to prepare for invasive pests such as emerald ash borers, which have been killing ash trees across the country. Several of this year’s grant recipients will use grant funds to assess and manage the ash trees in their communities.

MDC has awarded 35 grants this year. TRIM grant recipients for 2017 include:

City of O’Fallon, $7,561, education, planting, removal

St. Charles Parks and Recreation, $22,500, inventory, education

Mount Mora Cemetery, $9,994 inventory, education, removal, pruning

City of Glendale, $5,199, removal

St. Charles Community College, $23,821, inventory, education, removal, pruning

Northwest Missouri State University, $1,018, education

City of Warrensburg, $10,000, education, removal

University of Missouri, $4,924, education, removal

City of Kansas City, $25,000, master plan

Heartland Conservation Alliance, $20,810, education, inventory

City of Peculiar, $4,518, education, planting, pruning

City of Houston Lake, $2,394, inventory

City of Grandview, $25,000, inventory

Town of Grantwood Village, $10,000, inventory, pruning, removal

City of Parkville, $6,101, removal, planting

City of Des Peres, $9,000, inventory

City of Sedalia, $9,939, inventory, planting

Housing Authority of Jefferson City, $10,000, planting

City of Columbia Street Department, $25,000, education, inventory

City of Joplin, $10,000, pruning

City of Washington, $22,883, inventory

City of Sheldon, $6,034, planting, pruning, removal

City of Velda Village Hills, $10,000, pruning

City of Pine Lawn, $10,000, removal, pruning, planting, education

City of Wildwood, $10,000, removal, planting

City of Pasadena Hills, $9,315, removal, pruning

City of Union, $8,970, education, inventory

Deer Creek Watershed Alliance, $5,710, education, inventory, planting

City of Pagedale, $10,000, removal

City of Vinita Park, $10,000, removal

Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center, $1,609, education

City of Bel-Nor, $10,000, removal, pruning, inventory

City of Twin Oaks, $9,962, education

City of Hanley Hills, $10,000, pruning

City of Beverly Hills, $5,649, pruning, inventory, removal

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