According to the probable cause statement, a Chevrolet Silverado being driven by Pettis struck a man on a private road near the victim's residence around midnight May 4 to 5.

A Sunrise Beach man is facing multiple charges after allegedly hitting another man with his pickup after the two had been talking then leaving the scene.

Daniel Ray Pettis, 54, of Sunrise Beach is charged with first degree assault, leaving the scene of an injury accident, driving while revoked/suspended first offense, owner operating motor vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility first offense, failure to register the motor vehicle, sell/purchase a motor vehicle without transferring certificate of ownership and failure to display certificate of vehicle inspection.

According to the probable cause statement, a 1994 Chevrolet Silverado being driven by Pettis struck a man on a private road near the victim's residence around midnight May 4 to 5.

The victim, Damon J. Corley, was being treated by paramedics when the trooper arrived on scene, but he was able to give the officer a statement about what happened. 

According to Corley, he was at a residence on Quiet Oaks Drive near Route F in the Sunrise Beach area when he heard a vehicle pull up outside, but could not see any headlights. Going outside, Corley said he saw a maroon and silver Chevrolet truck sitting at the end of Route F and identified the driver as Pettis. He and Pettis began talking through the trees. 

Corley told police he began to walk up the private drive toward Route F and Pettis began to back up the hill on Route F towards his location. 

Once at the end of the drive, Pettis reportedly stopped the truck and drove directly at Corley and hit him before continuing up the hill on the drive. According to Corley, the vehicle stopped and he was thrown to the pavement. Pettis then backed up and drove off in a hurry, Corley said. He told the trooper where Pettis lived. Corley was then transported to Lake Regional Hospital with multiple fractures to his left leg and numerous cuts.

The trooper and a Camden County deputy went to Pettis’ residence and found a truck like the one described by Corley. The pickup’s hood was still warm, according to the court document.

Pettis was home and denied any knowledge of the crash, telling the officers he had not driven the truck that day except a short drive several hours prior. 

Looking at the pickup with Pettis standing by, the trooper stated they found a “very distinguished” hand print on the passenger side hood that ran down the hood approximately two feet. The print appeared to slide down the hood like someone was thrown off of it, according to the probable cause statement. Several fresh scratches were found on the hood where dust had been disturbed, the court document stated. 

At 12:24 a.m. May 5, Pettis was arrested and read his Miranda rights. He was taken to the Camden County jail where he invoked his right to remain silent until his attorney could be present.

At the jail, Pettis was found to have a suspended license with four active suspensions, one related to a driving while intoxicated charge and an administrative alcohol suspension. Pets had two prior convictions for driving while suspended/revoked.