RaftUp Technologies has announced the launch of a new first-responder and 911 web safety tool called “EyeRescue,” built in partnership with the Osage Beach Fire Protection Department and Osage Beach 911.

RaftUp Technologies has announced the launch of a new first-responder and 911 web safety tool called “EyeRescue,” built in partnership with the Osage Beach Fire Protection Department and Osage Beach 911.

It's accessed through an app called RaftUp, available on iPhone and Android products. The new technology was developed exclusively to support 911 first responders and public safety agencies.

RaftUp's new technology is automatically integrated with its free mobile app. The enhanced feature allows first responders and 911 dispatch centers to receive a user's exact location on the water in real time. Additionally, once the "SOS" call has been placed using the app, boaters have greater peace of mind as they are able to follow the location of first responders in relationship to their own position.

Before, users of the RaftUp app could use the "Social SOS" feature to share their location with other nearby users, friends and family.

“The moment I learned about RaftUp, I knew it would benefit our response time and the way that our department could help to keep boaters safe on the water.  Everyone takes their phones with them everywhere now. There is no reason for someone to be stranded for hours outdoors or on the water waiting for help. And in the case of an emergency, with EyeRescue, it’s a life-saver. Plain and simple!” said Jeff Dorhauer, Osage Beach Fire Chief.

The Osage Beach Police Department is also participating. Communications Supervisor Kwabena Asante has been working with Chief Dorhauer and software developer Corey Boelkens to implement the system before the busy tourist season gets under way.

"From the demonstrations that I have seen this app will reduce response times for emergency responders by accurately pinpointing an individual’s location," Osage Beach Police Chief Todd Davis said. "The SOS portion of the app is what we feel will add an additional layer of assistance to boaters on the Lake of the Ozarks in cases of an emergency." 

Thousands of boaters visit the Lake of the Ozarks annually, several for the first time and when an incident occurs on the water they are unsure of where they are at when they call for assistance, Davis noted. He believes the app will assist emergency responders in locating individuals in need by using their phone or electronic devices location. 

When they activate the SOS call via the RaftUp app their location will be transmitted to the 911 Center on a map that is monitored by the Communications Center as well as other boaters near them.

Besides giving participating emergency responders and boat rental companies an exact on-the-water location, the app gives users information on boating services, launch ramps, camp sites, restaurants, fishing locations, dive locations and other pints of interest across 10 states with plans to expand across the country this year.

"The Lake of the Ozarks represents an amazing social boaters paradise with many things to do, see but, at times, it can be very dangerous," app developer Corey Boelkens said. "The RaftUp app solves a very important problem for boaters, businesses and emergency services -- and that is location awareness. We provide an easy way for people to connect quickly, find and learn about amazing places and get help when they need it most."

About RaftUp’s EyeRescue Tool

The new tool enables 911 dispatchers and public safety agencies the ability to view a live map of their monitored district, receive an audible notification when an SOS is activated, and begin tracking a victim’s location with all of the emergency information shared in real time.

It enables 911 dispatchers or mobile command units to see the location of any agency emergency responder who is operating the RaftUp App in relation to any incident, and allows for immediate orchestration of resources. First responders can communicate with victims via SMS text messaging, as well as send public service announcements via mobile push notifications.

The RaftUp application and its corresponding RaftUp EyeRescue tool are now live for residents and tourists on Lake of the Ozarks, and soon several counties in Arkansas such as Baxter County. Additional public service agencies and 911 first responders can set up the RaftUp SOS technology in a simple process that takes less than ten seconds.

“I’m impressed with RaftUp’s technology, early traction, and future plans. They have tremendous potential far beyond recreational  boating to all forms of outdoor recreation.” said Thom Dammrich of the National Marine  Manufacturers Association.

The RaftUp App is free and available for iPhone and Android. In addition to SOS functionality, the app makes it easier for new and experienced boaters alike to locate cool new places and to find each other while on the water.

About RaftUp Technologies

RaftUp Technologies is a software development company that provides technical solutions that increase safety and social utility for boaters, recreational businesses, public safety agencies, and outdoor enthusiasts.