The annual winter drawdown of Lake of the Ozarks has begun with a target lake level of 654 from mid-February-April 1 when the lake will begin to return to normal guide curve levels by mid-May. Here are five things to do to protect your docks and boat lifts as levels fluctuate.

1. Obstructions

Check to make sure your dock isn't pinned or hampered by any stumps or other objects that could prevent it from moving up and down with fluctuations in water levels.

2. Lines

Drain all waterlines. 

3. Cables

Lengthen dock cables to allow docks to drop.

4. De-icer

Make sure you have a de-icer to keep the water around your dock from freezing and causing major damage.

5. Lift

Raise your boat lift to make sure it is holding air as it should.