According to a staff memo signed by Police Chief Laura Davis and City Administrator Jeff Hancock, there are several extenuating issues with Owens and Casa de Loco.

A liquor license request by Casa de Loco owner Larry Owens for a winery store at 985 East Highway 54 was tabled by the Camdenton Board of Aldermen citing incomplete information and permitting issues.

The request submitted in November is for original package intoxicating liquor in excess of 5 percent alcohol by weight and Sunday original package intoxicating liquor. The board of aldermen plan to readdress the matter at its next meeting in the third week of December.

According to a staff memo signed by Police Chief Laura Davis and City Administrator Jeff Hancock, there are several extenuating issues with Owens and Casa de Loco.

Under city ordinance 600.400, qualification for a license states no license shall be granted unless the applicant is of good moral character, a qualified voter and taxpaying citizen and prohibits liquor licenses for any business within 300 feet of a church of school.

According to the memo, the Camden County Clerk’s Office has confirmed Owens is a registered voter, but the Camden County Collector confirmed that Owens has several tax files that are delinquent from 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. The location is not within 300 feet of a church or school.

“We have not traditionally tracked property tax information for liquor licenses and the question is should we begin,” the memo states. “The issue of determination of good moral character is a subjective matter and is a determination that is best left to the Board of Aldermen. I am not making a recommendation on this matter but am simply offering the following research on the applicant.”

Owens plans to operate a liquor sale business and not a bar-type atmosphere, using only the back portion of the building and there is adequate space in the back for parking.

City Clerk Renee Kingston has confirmed the Missouri Division of Liquor Control has already issued the state license.

“Larry Ownes has not had a liquor license in City of Camdenton before. He did receive a merchant license March 2011 for Camdenton Inn. He did not pay or renew the license for the next cycle June 2011 and the license was terminated for non-payment April 2012,” the memo states. “Water was connected at this location in his name thru July 2015 however no merchant license was issued to correspond.”

City Building Official Dennis Croxton also confirmed that Owens had several ordinance violations in 2011 and 2012 regarding building without permits, building outside the scope of the permit and opening residential housing units in a C-2 commercial district, according to the memo.

Camdenton Police Department dealt with Owens several times in 2011 and 2012 for the Camdenton Inn property when he was charged with ordinance violation for building code; he received a suspended sentence, one year probation and was ordered to pay court costs. He was also charged with ordinance violation for operating without a merchant license; he was found guilty and ordered to pay a $150 fine plus court costs. The Camden County Sheriff’s Office also has several reports on file from Casa de Loco from 2004-2012, but Owens shows no criminal record on file as evidenced in the background check.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources also confirmed a problem arose in June 2016 with Casa de Loco regarding their wastewater treatment system. DNR has issued an administrative order to try to resolve the situation.

“They have documented non-compliance and the issue is still not resolved,” according to the memo. “Fire Marshal Brant of Mid-County Fire Protection District confirmed they revoked the certificate of occupancy for Casa de Loco on September 12, 2016 however Mr. Owens continues to operate the business in spite of that order.”

The file from Mid-County reflects that the deck is in bad shape, the bridge is not adequate, there are roadway concerns and there have been a number of remodels without permits, the memo states.

Owens was not present at the meeting and there was no further discussion other than the matter would be tabled while attempting to resolve the permitting issues.