An explosion in a boat's motor caused a fire at the 38-Mile Marker on Saturday afternoon resulting in minor injuries for the passenger, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol incident report.

An Oak Grove woman suffered moderate injuries after the boat she was riding in caught fire following an explosion in the motor shortly after refueling, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol boat incident report.

Sherri L. Walker, 53, was riding in a 1996 Mach 1 being driven by Christopher L. Walker, 27, of Oak Grove at the 38-MM, Silver Sands Marina when the explosion and fire occurred shortly after refueling and restarting the vessel, the report states.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Water Division in assistance with the Sunrise Beach and Gravois Fire Protection Districts responded to the incident at approximately 1:20 pm on July 23, 2016 and were able to extinguish the flames.

Neither driver or passenger were listed as wearing safety devices. Sherri Walker was transported to Lake Regional Hospital.

No other information has been provided at this time.