Every day we see stories in the news that show the bad side of the human race and we have to be careful not to overlook the good. Every day, in every community there are those people who go above and beyond, who work tirelessly to help, to effect change in a positive manner. These individuals don’t do it to be notice, they do not want any thanks and in some cases it simply happens out of a situation that presents itself.

Your local police, fire and EMS providers report to work daily. They report to work and fully expect that at any given moment that 911 call may come in that requires them to act. This “act” may be one that puts them into danger; it may be one where they must make a choice in a split second. These individuals train for this, they are aware of the risk they take and have on a conscious level made the choice to accept this risk.

This is not to put lightly what our first responders do every day for without these people our world would be chaos. But there are those people around us every day that are willing to act when the situation presents itself, willing to risk their health and safety to help someone in need. With all the bad news as of late, maybe we need some good news.

June 23rd of 2016 was simply another normal day at the Lake of the Ozarks. Being a Thursday most of us were hard at work preparing for another busy summer weekend. But there was an event that made this day different, an accident that brought to the forefront how good people truly are.

At 10:01 am the Fire Districts pagers went off to respond to a local Marina for a vehicle in the water with the driver still inside. This is a call that we have had several times over my years with the Fire District and more time than not the ending is tragic. This day however the outcome would be different, the ending would be a happy one. This vehicle went into the water with the driver still inside, five employees of this Marina without thinking of their own safety, jumped into the water and swam out to the vehicle. While not an easy task they were able to break out the passenger window and bring the driver out and bring him to safety.

These five individuals deserve to be thanked by this community. Their actions were not planned; they were simply instinct to help someone in need. The five will not want to see their names in the paper, but we need to read some good news. So my hat goes off to Mike Roepe, Tyler Paulsen, Rory Bills, Jim Cramer, and Rick Dyes.

Hard times don’t create heroes….. But it is during these hard times the hero within is revealed.