Morgan County RII high school students, grades 9-12 participated in Prevention Day on May 12th.  Earlier this year SADD members requested a conference style event which allows youth to select presentation topics they wish to learn more about.  Permission was received from Mr. Chris Marshall, high school principal and CLEAR coalition offered to assist with providing presenters.  Donna Chapman, CLEAR coordinator and SADD sponsor said, “The event required a lot of coordination since the event was held at both Morgan County school districts, but was worth the effort by many volunteers. If we have raised the level of education and will save even one youth from participating in risky behaviors that might cost his/her life then this event was a success.  The thing about prevention is you just don’t know when you have made a difference.”  The presentations that youth selected were:
1. Think First: Using your mind to protect your body
2. Drinking and Driving, Teen Challenge
3. Seat Belts, Who Needs Them?
4. “Chew”: The Status of Smokeless Tobacco Products in the U.S. Today”:
5. Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: Will they really create a tobacco free generation or a gateway?
6. Leadership Academy
7. Smokefree Air, Who Needs It?
8. Marijuana: Don’t Roll the Dice With Your Future Game
9. What’s Up, Doc?: Improving Youth Health Literacy
10. Eating Disorders: What Are They and What Can I Do?
11. Signs of Suicide
12. 40 Developmental Assets