Brae Coulter-Barr never thought that her job as a store clerk at Maurices in Osage Beach could lead to work being a model and style icon.

Brae Coulter-Barr never thought that her job as a store clerk at Maurices in Osage Beach could lead to work being a model and style icon. Her self confessed obsession with fashion began early in life. Brae shares “ As a young girl I loved playing dress up anytime I was at grandma's house. Grandma had a big box of dresses and shoes that I would try on and model for them. I loved feeling so glam!”

In 2014 she began working at the Prewitt’s Point location simply hanging and folding clothing, and ringing up customers' purchases. Growing up in Greenview, the daughter of Jason and Beth Coulter, she attended Camdenton High School.

While attending Missouri State University in 2015 Barr took a position at Maurices in Battlefield Mall. A step up was to be had in Springfield, and she became the store manager. A brand ambassador opportunity arose for her being at a young women's clothing store in a college centric town. Brae began taking photos in the store’s outfits around the city at interesting locations, and soon had lots of Instagram followers.

Flipping forward to 2018, Brae married her college sweetheart ZaKorey Barr on her family farm here at the Lake, while still living and working in Springfield. ZaKorey was a football star at Evangel University, while Brae was attending Missouri State University. They met at another friend’s wedding in 2016. He proposed on his football field one day at the end of a game two years later.

Barr’s natural beauty and charisma shine through her portfolio, which could have something to do with her husband acting as her photographer. That portfolio qualified her to become a Maurices Brand Ambassador.

What is a brand ambassador?

Many youthfully minded national companies are employing brand ambassadors. Part style model/part lifestyle representative, a brand ambassador is designed to collect followers on social media, to inspire others to achieve the same look, or lifestyle, and to give an everyday girl/guy appearance for the company. They also will represent the company at special public events, or promote the brand with giveaways. Brand ambassadors have become extremely attractive job positions on college campuses across the country.

What inspired Barr to become a brand ambassador?

“I wanted to push myself and also start building my own brand. I wanted to show women that I love myself the way I am and they should love themselves the way they are as well. Being a brand ambassador has helped me grow in many ways. It started out as just taking photos in my normal outfits to show off Maurice’s and then I made it into my first magazine with my own article & now it has turned into me trying different looks and even starting up my own blog to be able to branch out even more and inspire more women around the world. It has helped open more opportunities since I took that step, I feel even more ambitious than before & planning to continue my career through Maurices for more experience. I have also had several brands reach out to collaborate and wanting me to become a part of their brand,” she explains.

Brae obtained fame in 2017 being the featured Fall Brand Ambassador in Lifestyle Magazine, a Maurice’s company publication, complete with biography and photo shoot.

Brae runs her own internet blog dedicated to fashion, life, and beauty called Simply Brae. She shares that her own style centers on a variety of stores that she likes to shop at including Maurices, Forever 21, Amazon, Victoria's Secret, Windsor, Sephora, Old Navy, Target, Ulta, and Charming Charlies. Mindful to the budget conscious, one can see that great style does not have to cost a lot.

Brae shares her thoughts on body and self image- “As I have grown through the years, I have developed even more passion for fashion and wanted to step out of my box and show women that no matter the shape or size, they could express themselves however they want. Sometimes it's hard being a woman in a world that expects us to be a certain size or shape or even dress a certain way, so that is why I am taking a chance to put myself out there and inspire women not to get discouraged, because we are ALL beautiful just the way we were created.”

Living happily in Springfield with ZaKorey, Brae hopes to one day have her own fashion boutique. Judging from the number of Instagram followers, she will have no difficulty finding customers. You can follow her career online at, or Facebook @Brae Barr-Brand Ambassador.