A young mother of two boys vanished from Buckhorn on Jan. 24, 2004, nearly 12 years ago. Michelle Henri is more than just one of 533 adults missing in the state of Missouri; she is a mother to two children, the sister to three sisters and the daughter to a mother who is begging the public to help her find closure.

Who is Michelle Henri?
A young mother of two boys vanished from Buckhorn on Jan. 24, 2004, nearly 12 years ago. Michelle Henri is more than just one of 533 adults missing in the state of Missouri; she is a mother to two children, the sister to three sisters and the daughter to a mother who is begging the public to help her find closure.

Michelle Henri has a family that desperately wants to know what happened to her and a detective who would like to help them with that.

The Daily Guide and its group of sister papers are teaming up with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department to revisit some of the county's cold cases in an effort to help some of the children, parents, and community find out what happened to the people involved in these cases. Michelle Henri is the first case chosen for the series. If you know something, please call the tip line at 573-774-7948.

Michelle was described by her mother and two of her sisters as “a great mom” who loved her children and would never have left them. When Michelle went missing, her two boys were only five and three years old.

Michelle's mother, Kim Young, said that her daughter wouldn't have missed her children's first lost tooth, the start of kindergarten, and growing up “for the world.”

Melissa Simons, one of Michelle's sisters, said,  “She was a respiratory therapist, and when I went into labor with my twins, she'd worked a full shift at the hospital and drove 13 hours to be there.”

According to Pulaski County Sheriff's Department Detective Doug Renno, Michelle had attended Laquey High School, worked at the Lee Factory in Richland before it closed, became a certified respiratory therapist after the closure.

Young said her daughter graduated in the top five of her class and that one of the best things about Michelle was her “determination to do good in life.”
Renno and the rest of Michelle's family agreed that Michelle was going through a rough time at the time she disappeared, having been diagnosed with depression. Melanie Beebe, one of Michelle's sisters, said that she was on medication and doing better.

Simons said she had spoken to Michelle the day before she disappeared and Michelle was “excited” for Simons' twins' birthday. Simons said she began to worry when Michelle didn't call for the birthday.

The circumstances of Michelle's disappearance
When Michelle didn't call her sister for the twins' birthday, Simons said she was concerned. Young said she'd spoken to her daughter a few days before she disappeared and Michelle had been planning to visit a friend in Kansas City.

Simons said Michelle was supposed to go somewhere but her car wouldn't start and “she was supposed to get a ride.”

The last person to see Michelle Henri was her ex husband, who she and the children had been staying with in Buckhorn. She was seen in the afternoon at the residence in the 260000 block of Highway 17. Michelle's purse and medication was still at the residence, according to her family.

According to the family, Michelle never made it to Kansas City. According to Renno, Michelle does not have a driver's license in any state, her social security number has not been used since her disappearance and her respiratory therapist license expired and no attempt to renew it was made.
Renno said there is not a person of interest at this time in this case.

Michelle has brown hair and green eyes. She was 25 at the time of her disappearance and would be 37 today. She has several identifying marks including a 12 inch scar on her top left thigh, scars on both wrists, and a pierced navel with a silver hoop that has a frog and a flower on the hoop.

What happened to Michelle Henri?
“If someone knows of something that has happened to her, we would like to give her family some peace of mind,” Renno said.

Renno said he couldn't rule out the possibility that she was alive somewhere, at this point, asking the public to contact law enforcement if they've seen her.

“If you know her whereabouts, have her contact any law enforcement officer to verify her whereabouts,” Renno said.

Michelle's family believes that foul play is involved because they do not believe Michelle would have left her children and never contacted them again or her family, particularly her mother and her sister, Melissa Simons, due to how close they were.

“I don't believe that she just ran off. I believe foul play was involved,” Beebe said.

Simons hired a private investigator to look into her sister's disappearance about six months after she disappeared. Beebe said she was frustrated with the lack of media coverage at the time and the belief by some people that Michelle “just walked off.”

Simons' private investigator discovered that Michelle still has an unclaimed tax refund and that there wasn't any activity on her bank accounts, social security card, or other trackable activity at that time. Renno has checked more recently that the private investigator and said the same thing.
“There's been zero activity since she went missing,” Renno said.
Young said she knows someone has to know something about what happened to her daughter.

When asked what she would you say to the person who may know something about her disappearance, Young responded, “Please don't hide anymore. Give me closure. Let Michelle's family finally be able to put it in the past with a period. Clear your conscience. Don't let someone else's mistake. Don't go to your grave with information that may help us find our daughter.”

If you know something
Renno said he's looking for leads in this case and any information is welcome and will be “kept confidential.”

The family is eager for any information, no matter how minor someone might think it is because that could finally be the piece that unravels the mystery.

“Someone could have seen her walking on the road somewhere that day, or a car going by and just remembered it,” Simons said.

“I just want to find her and give her a proper burial. I want somebody to please come forward with some information to give us closure,” Young said.
Individuals with information can call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office tip line at 573-774-7948  or contact Detective Doug Renno at drenno@pcsheriff2.com  and remain confidential.