1 Cheers to
the demolition of Camdenton Inn near the square. While we don’t know exactly what businesses will go in to a new retail space there, anything would be better than the former eyesore.

2 Cheers to
all the people who signed a petition to keep the Rock Island Trail project alive. The benefits to Eldon are immeasurable. We support the project.

3 Cheers to
students who began school this week. Have a great school year!

1 Jeers to
the people taking advantage of a bad situation in Ferguson, Mo. The shooting death of an unarmed man remains shrouded in rumors and opinions. The public needs to have patience until the truth can be revealed. In the meantime, vandals, miscreants and troublemakers are busy piggybacking under the guise of “protests” to steal and cause havoc that has the eyes of the nation trained on the St. Louis suburb. How does looting secure justice for Michael Brown? How is damaging businesss and destroying the livelihoods of others helpful? These vandals ruin any chance of a message being sent by those who want to actually peacefully protest.