After being at the lake for almost two days, Chicago resident Colleen Kelly already joked about moving to the area.

After being at the lake for almost two days, Chicago resident Colleen Kelly already joked about moving to the area.

"I just love the lifestyle here, in fact I keep telling everybody that I want to move here," Kelly said.

She is not only a tourist but is the host of "Family Travel with Colleen Kelly" which will be featuring Lake of the Ozarks in an episode of season two.

After wakeboarding lessons, exploring Bridal Cave and fishing with a pro, Kelly had seen much of what the lake has to offer.

"First of all, I love the people here. That is my favorite part. Everybody is so friendly and so down to earth," she said.

It was a chance meeting with lake-area tourism officials at two travel and adventure shows that led to this week's filming. She saw a booth featuring the Lake of the Ozarks at two shows and struck up a conversation with Convention and Visitor Bureau Executive Director Tim Jacobsen.

“We met, chatted about the idea of filming here and felt it was a great opportunity,” Kelly said. “Most people with families drive to their vacation destinations, and the Lake of the Ozarks is right in the middle of the country.”

For Kelly, since the lake has activities for all ages and all generations to enjoy together, it is a great choice for a family vacation. Her own two daughters, Dunovan Kate, 12, and Shea Grace, 9, tagged along.

On Tuesday, Kelly, her daughters and her crew visited Bridal Cave and took wake boarding lessons.

"It was phenomenal. My girls were going crazy for it. They loved it," Kelly said of Bridal Cave.

She was also impressed by how her daughters jumped right in and gave wake boarding a try.

"It's interesting when you go on vacation because you try new sports and I was just amazed that they could do all that stuff and that they were brave enough to do it," Kelly said.

On Tuesday, she also saw the lake from a different point of view thanks to Airlake Aviation.

"We got a bird's eye view of the entire Lake of the Ozarks and I was amazed at how big it was and how gorgeous it was," she said.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kelly and her daughters stopped by The Landing at Main Street for a little shopping and indulging at the candy store. At Blair & Company, they learned how to make one of the shop's best selling candy, a dark chocolate bark.

Owner Jennifer Dowdeny and her son Aiden showed them around the Landing and gave them a step by step demonstration on how to make a yummy treat. It was a big hit with Kelly since she is a huge chocolate fan.

After leaving the landing, the crew headed to the Tom Sawyer Paddlewheeler at the Bagnell Dam Strip. Thursday, they visited Ha Ha Tonka and Captain Ron's Bar and Grill.

“Family Travel with Colleen Kelly” features all types of possible vacation destinations, not just large cities. All of the filming at the various locations is done outside to give viewers a better perception of the potential vacation site.

Season two, which will include an episode on the Lake of the Ozarks, is set to premiere in March 2015.

“Family Travel with Colleen Kelly” reaches 90 percent of the country on National Public Television stations and recently was picked up by APT Worldwide for international distribution. Each half­-hour episode gives viewers a personalized, behind ­the ­scenes tour of must-­see locations throughout the U.S. and abroad, with season one destinations including New Orleans, San Antonio, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Monterey, Wyoming, Holland, Mich., Ireland, a Caribbean family cruise and a Wisconsin family camp.

Season two filming is now underway, with Kelly and the crew recently returning from Wales and Palm Beach, Fla., and currently preparing to head to Switzerland. “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly” is written and produced by Travel Film Productions, LLC, a Chicago-based, multi-­media production company. The series originally premiered on National Public Television in October 2013 and is now also running on Create TV, delivered nationally via 220 public television stations.

Check local listings, or visit to watch complete episodes.

About Colleen Kelly: As a family travel expert and modern day parent, Colleen Kelly isn’t afraid to kick back, get a little messy and have fun. In addition to being co-creator, co-­executive producer and host of “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly,” she was the Emmy­-nominated executive producer of NBC5 Chicago's successful "24/7 City Secrets." She is the co-creator of that show and is currently also its travel correspondent.

Colleen is also a featured travel expert for a top Chicago morning TV show. She frequently speaks at high­profile travel conferences and is often used as an expert source for media stories and interviews regarding travel topics.