Lake Ozark Police Chief Mark Maples has submitted his resignation effective Friday, July 18.

Mark Maples, who resigned as Lake Ozark chief of police effective July 18, told the board of aldermen Tuesday night that he wants to make sure his officers and staff are taken care of during the transition to a new chief.

He has taken a job in the private sector, and is waiting for a formal announcement from the new company before releasing any more information.

Maples, who has been chief since he moved to Lake Ozark in 2007, said he has visited with Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos and other city staffers to make sure the transition to a new chief is smooth. He said he’s willing to be a consultant to the city and new chief and to possible provide reserve officer service if necessary.

“You don’t put this much time in just to walk away,” he told the board. “I’ll continue to live here, and I have the best interests of the community at heart.”

He recommended a search committee be formed to start the process of finding a new chief.

“I think you and I came on about the same time,” Franzeskos said. “I certainly appreciate your service, and you’ve helped turn this city around.”

In a prepared statement, Maples said, “I have enjoyed my nearly eight years as the chief of police for the city of Lake Ozark. I like to think that I leave the police department in better shape than when I found it in 2007. I am confident that the city and the police department will continue to improve and be true professional public servants. My sincere thanks to my staff, city hall staff, mayor and board of aldermen.