Next week, on April 1, will be undergoing a major change with the paywall. The meter will be changing. Our meter is currently set at 15 views per month for views other than homepage, breaking news, classifieds and obituaries. We will be lowering the paywall to 10.
 As you have seen when you are on the site after 10 views, you get a popup asking you to subscribe to a digital subscription. At 15 views, the paywall kicks in.
When we make the transition next week, the paywall will kick in at 10 views per month. The popup for subscribing will appear at 5 views, warning the reader and asking them to subscribe.
When we make adjustments to we should expect feedback from our readers. We have included a few common questions and answers to help if a customer has any questions. Please feel free to contact the Lake Sun at 573-346-2132 for information or assistance.

Here is a look at what we offer for digital subscriptions:

• One month - Trial Offer, $0.99
Sign up now for full access to and get the first month for just $0.99. After the first month, your subscription will continue for just $4.99/month.
• Online access for current print subscribers, $0.00
Print subscribers are entitled to unlimited access to as part of their subscription.
• Annual subscription,$49.99
Get full access to content on for just $49.99/year.

Frequently asked questions:
Q:What if I don't want to purchase a digital subscription? Will I be blocked from the site?
A: No. You will still have access to 10 page views every 30-day period. Upon reaching your 10 page views, you can subscribe for unlimited digital access. If you don't want to subscribe, you can revisit our site during the next 30-day period to access your 10 page views. Some of our content, like the homepage, classifieds and obituaries, will always remain free.

Q: Why has  started charging for online access?
A: Newspapers provide a valuable service to the community, and we make a significant investment in covering the news — whether it appears in the printed paper or online. And today, we're working harder than ever to provide the best possible content to make sure all the news that our readers need is right at their fingertips. So, just as our print readers have always paid for their newspaper, we also need to have our digital users pay for the content they consume online. And just to be clear, those who subscribe to our print newspaper will receive digital access as part of their paid subscription at no additional charge.

Basically all that is changing is the number of free views. It will not change the kind of news or how frequently content is provided on the website. will continue to provide you with the news and features that you come to expect.