Camdenton High School students will perform a murder mystery dinner later this month. The evening will be full of mystery, suspense, entertainment and of course delectable food.
The public is invited to come out and have a front row seat to show. During the show, the audience will watch as Seymour Twitt, the richest man in town hires private eye Dudley Sharpe to find out who is sending him threats.

When the pair meet at the Orient Express restaurant, a strange assortment of customers appear in disguise. Sharpe shares a list of potential killers to Twitt, but soon after Twitt's fortune takes a turn for the worse. During a blackout on the snowy night, someone in the restaurant kills Twitt with a pair of chopsticks through the heart.

Since the blizzard keeps all suspects from leaving, Sharpe begins to unravel the identities of the 12 in the room. Will he be able to crack the case?

Join the CHS students on March 29 or 30 to find out. All proceeds will allow students to compete at choir competitions in the spring. Advanced reservations are required.