The cost to repair damage to the Osage Beach City Park caused by early August flash flooding is estimated at nearly $700,000.

The cost to repair damage to the Osage Beach City Park caused by early August flash flooding is estimated at nearly $700,000.

The damage estimate provided by the city of Osage Beach after conferences with federal emergency management officials and the city's insurance carrier is $675,000. The city could be stuck with about 20 percent of that total.

City officials began working with the city's insurance carrier immediately after the flooding, and have since met with Federal and State Emergency Management (FEMA and SEMA) officials to determine the extent of damage and who will pay for what. These sources will be used to finance the restoration of the park, but will cover only about 79 percent of the cost.

Osage Beach city parks are funded solely on sales tax from the city's general fund.

City officials have posted information on the city's website ( to help keep residents updated.

Park damage included:

•A catch basin/pond filled with debris and overflowed, forcing rapidly flowing water through the entire length of the park and into the lake

•Water from the dam rushing under and over a newly asphalted parking lot, buckling the asphalt and actually moving part of the lot

•Debris and park infrastructure including ballfield material, trash cans, picnic tables, bleachers, soccer nets, soccer goals, field bases, etc., were pushed into the lake

•Three park vehicles, the concession and restroom buildings and their contents, and the underground ball field irrigation system all sustained severe damage

Once the dam is secure and drained to clear the debris, the park may be opened in phases to accommodate some park use while the rest of the restoration projects are completed.

Residents are urged to check the city's website for updates.

The park has been closed since, and isn't expected to open until mid- to late spring. Several factors, including severe winter weather, could impact an opening date. Park reservations are not currently being accepted.

Restoration Schedule

Initial Cleanup and Evaluation – Damage assessment, inventory evaluation, concession and restroom building cleanup: Completed in August and September

Replacement Purchases – Purchase items lost or damaged including vehicles, trash cans, picnic tables, bleachers, soccer nets and goals and ballfield bases: To begin early in 2014

Phase I – Engineering services, DNR permits, debris removal, pond drainage, parking lot cleanup: Bids let soon

Phase II – Engineering services, pave parking lots, dam repair and emergency spillway built, ballfields restored, electrical repair, field drainage repair and playground restoration: To Be Determined.