Miley Cyrus.

Give me a break.


Miley Cyrus.

Give me a break.


I'm reluctant to even comment on the debauchery she manifests for fear I'll be as guilty as others in perpetuating her existence as a "musician" or as an "entertainment artist."

But, please, give me a break. It's music industry demagoguery.

Too many in the media have elevated her status in the entertainment world with little analytical thought to the social and psychological fallout. Even late-night television (Jimmy Fallon) validated her actions by having her as a guest. Are his ratings that poor?

What is the public and media fascination with a very young woman whose only "talent" is strutting her scantily clad self onstage, wagging her lizard-like tongue? She has come of age, for better or worse. Her actions are anything but politically correct and are being condoned by the same people who champion political correctness. Such hypocrisy.

After the Video Music Awards, during which she simulated sex with Robin Thicke and with herself, her father urged us to focus on the problems in Syria. I get it, Billy. The media should. We all should. But when your daughter flaunts her goods on the world's stage, it's hard to turn a blind eye.

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the View, arguably one of the most liberal daytime talk shows alive today, told Jay Leno recently that Cyrus is "going to hell in a twerking handbasket," making reference to Cyrus' lascivious manner onstage with Thicke.

The media is a powerful tool. From this corner, the media should be focusing on the psychopathic Mideastern dictators who slaughter their own people; or the African civilizations that condone female genital mutilation; or human rights violations in China and North Korea that leave children to die in the streets.

The list of real issues is long.

It's possible that my perception of what is right and wrong is becoming less and less the norm, and more and more the exception. But what Miley Cyrus did at the MTV Awards, what she's done on other stages and how she's been staged in photos for the world (and our emerging children) to see, just is not right.

Please don't take this as a conservative's rant, because it's not. I've been around. I've seen the seedier side of life. I'm not blind to the world's woes. There's a time and a place, and national TV ain't the place.

Cyrus' antics, and those of so many of her cohorts in "entertainment," reflect a degeneration of human values. And the national media is guilty of enabling, perpetuating and condoning the decline by making the outrageous behavior Top Story news.

The problems go beyond Miley Cyrus. She's a product of those before her. She is a symptom. She and her type promote a general disrespect for traditional mores upon which our society was built.

Billy Cyrus is right. Media, thumb your noses at such bawdy behavior as displayed by Miley Cyrus; don't splash the Kardashian's personal problems across the Internet; reject the types of music that objectify and degrade women.

And for Heaven's sake, please quit making shows like "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," "Bridezilla" and "Jersey Shore."

Sadly, those shows continue to ugly up the airwaves because they're popular among a very bored segment of the viewing audience, and because advertisers continue to fund them.

Again, reality television is a symptom of the degradation of our society. Obviously, we're a conflicted people. We demand politically correctness because we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings; then we spend our evenings in front of the television watching men, women and even children (Honey Boo Boo) do and say things that are anything but politically correct.

Where's Andy Griffith, Aunt Bee and Opie when we need them?