The theory of Darwinian evolution is proven wrong by discoveries of the important functions of the appendix, the tailbone, and the tonsils.

By Jeanne Chatman

Charles Darwin had a theory that the appendix was used by our primate ancestors for digesting leaves.  He believed that his ancestors used to swing from trees, eat leaves, and looked like  monkeys.  How sad that his observations and conclusions were so wrong.  God was in complete control when He formed the human body.  The Intelligent Designer did not need to practice on making monkeys, before He made  humans.  Apes are a completely different species than the human being.  The human being is a living soul in a fleshly body who was told by the Creator to subdue the earth.  That is why we are more intelligent than apes, and run the place.

A multitude of doctors (too many to list) have stated their belief that the appendix has a very important function.  One of the best explanations was written by Loren G. Martin, Professor of Physiology, from Oklahoma State University.  He explained that the endocrine cells of a fetus produce biogenic amines and peptide hormones in the appendix that assist with biological control mechanisms. In the young adult, the appendix is involved in immune functions.  Lymphoid tissue reaches its peak between age 20 and 30, and almost disappears by age 60.  The appendix functions as a lymphoid organ, assisting in the maturation of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) that produce some immunoglobulin A antibodies.  Dr. William Parker and a team of scientists (Duke University Medical Center) have discovered that the appendix has a very important function in protecting beneficial bacteria.  God created the appendix for very important purposes, and Charles Darwin's theory was proven wrong again.

For years evolutionists have taught us that the tailbone was the remnant of a vestigial tail from our primate ancestors.  However, God made the human tailbone for many very important reasons, which had nothing to do with monkeys hanging from trees.   The tailbone is part of a weight bearing tripod structure, which supports a sitting person.  It is also necessary for many pelvic floor functions such as defecation and continence.  It supports the anus, and protects the nerves of the lower back.  A person could not do very well with out their tailbone. God knew what He was doing when he made it.  Man should not question God.

In the past, evolutionists have told us that tonsils and adenoids were vestigial leftovers from the primate animal evolving into a human. Now medical science realizes that tonsils and adenoids are important in the human lymphatic immune system.  A person can survive without them, but is healthier with them, unless they become dangerously infected.  Any part of the body that has gangrene needs to be amputated.  Years ago tonsils and adenoids were routinely removed, because doctors believed they were unnecessary organs left over from primate days. Now we know what a ridiculous theory that was.

Man needs to realize that there is a great Creator, and that man's little fairy tales about God's creation are silly baby stories compared to the truth in God's Holy Word.  God is all powerful, and can do anything the way He wants to do it.  He is not limited to time, space, or matter like man is.  He created time, space, and matter, and is in control of it.  Man might think he knows better than God, but he should realize that he is a creation, not the Creator.

The atheistic theory of Darwinian evolution is still a theory based upon unproven assumptions. After almost 150 years the theory does not have facts, only more assumptions based upon assumptions.  However, evolution is taught as fact and is deemed politically correct by most of the educational community.  Those who object to the tax funded theory are ridiculed, insulted, and are often fired if they are teachers.  Communist countries teach the atheistic theory of evolution.  So, why does the “land of the free” teach it, and condemn Christians for objecting?