Camdenton Black Belt Academy's Ethan Leigh recently brought home honors from the NATSA National Championship; three gold medals, to be exact. But another lake area resident also has been making a splash in a few taekwondo tournaments.

That person is four-year-old Alan Poage, Jr, son of Rich and Ericka Poage of AAA Poage BankersAdvertising. Poage has been a student at Camdenton Black Belt Academy for about 5 months, and is currently an orange belt, working his way towards the next step up, a yellow belt.

Recently, Poage competed in the 22nd Annual US Central Open Taekwondo Championship on August 3, which was held in Oklahoma City. He competed in Sparring and Forms, in which he received a second place trophy in forms. He also had a great match against a five-year-old yellow belt in sparring. The final score of that match was 14-12, with Poage walked away with another second place finish.

Earlier this summer, the youngster competed in the Ozark Invitational Taekwondo Championship held in Camdenton in which he won three gold medals.

With that kind of resume, and being just four, Poage's potential is just beginning to be seen.