The hunt is over. After being on the run in the lake area for five days, Brian Adkison is in custody tonight at the Morgan County Jail.

The hunt is over. After being on the run in the lake area for five days, Brian Adkison is in custody tonight, June 21, at the Morgan County Jail.
He is being charged with second burglary in Morgan County as well as being wanted for kidnapping in Caldwell County and facing previous charges for sexual assault and forcible rape in Boone County.
Lt. Mike Nienhuis, patrol supervisor with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office captured the 23-year-old from Columbia at a vacant rental house around the 40 mile marker of the Lake of the Ozarks in the Mallard Bay area.
A possible burglary was reported at the house in Mallard Bay in the Proctor Rd. area of the county around 2:15 p.m., according to Nienhuis who responded to the call.
The female owner had stopped by the house to do some work and saw that a window had been broken out and called police.
As he cleared the house, Nienhuis says he caught Adkison's elbow where he was hiding in a back bathroom and ordered to come out and get on the floor.
Adkison offered no resistance and got on the floor, saying "please don't shoot me," according to Nienhuis. He was taken into custody shortly before 3 p.m. without further incident.
Adkison was not armed and wore only shorts and flip-flops - no shirt. He had lost his cell phone as well.
He appeared to be in good condition, Nienhuis said, with just a small laceration on his right arm and he complained about ticks. Adkison told Nienhuis that he had been subsisting on old canned goods left in the vacant homes he had entered as he evaded police in the area since Monday.
This was the fifth day of searching for Adkison in the lake area after Sunrise Beach Police Chief Dave Slavens initially spotted the wanted kidnapper in a stolen truck in the Route TT and Pisces Rd. area of the village. Nineteen law enforcement agencies from around the region have hunted for Adkison by land, water and air since then.
After a short chase Monday, Adkison lost police but was believed to be heading towards the Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge.
The stolen truck he was seen in was found later that day abandoned off of Shawnee View Rd. off Route TT. Dogs lost his trail nearby. Police then received reports that Adkison had stolen a personal water craft and fled the area.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol located the stolen craft near the 58 mile marker in the Ivy Bend and went residence to residence searching for him Monday evening.
Police investigated suspicious person reports throughout Tuesday but the trail had gone cold.
The search heated back up Wednesday evening when a Camden County Sheriff's deputy responding to a residential burglary alarm in Coffman Bend heard a boat pull away from the lake home. Marine Division officers with the Highway Patrol attempted to intercept Adkison but could not get to him in time. An officer did see him run into the woods in Little Buffalo Cove around the 66 mile marker.
Later testing of evidence from the boat proved that it was indeed Adkison in another stolen craft.
Police put up a perimeter around the area where Adkison was believed to be hiding and began searching again. Law enforcement spent all of Thursday clearing buildings and going over the area with search dogs as well as searching with thermal imaging cameras from a helicopter. The FBI also provided intelligence support.
But Adkison had slipped the perimeter, running four miles Wednesday evening and ending up at the house where he was finally apprehended.

Nienhuis estimated that police searched over 1,000 homes in the manhunt. Participating agencies included Morgan, Benton, Camden, Cole, Caldwell, Miller, Moniteau and Cooper county sheriff's departments, Morgan County 911, Sunrise Beach, Sedalia and Stover police departments, U.S. Fire Marshal's Office, U.S. Marshals, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Cole County Emergency Response/Hazmat Team, Stover Rural Fire Department and the Mid Missouri Drug Task Force.