Players from around the region gathered at 179 Soccer Park on Thursday night to take part in the 6th annual Central Missouri All-Star Soccer Game, with a few lake area athletes taking to the field.

Players from Camdenton and Osage found themselves on opposing sides of the field, as School of the Osage’s Robbie Mueller was teamed up with players from Helias, Southern Boone, Moberly, Sedalia Smith-Cotton, Hickman and Fulton to form the Blue team, while Camdenton’s Hunter McMahon played goalkeeper for the Red team with Jefferson City, Fatima, Mexico and Fulton players.

The two squads were very evenly matched, and with no scores through the majority of the game, spectators were left to wonder what the tiebreaking procedure for an all-star game would be.

Though the Red team dominated in nearly every statistic in the first half, they could not manage to score. In the second half, the momentum shifted, with the Blue team becoming the aggressors.

With just three minutes left in the second half, the Blue team’s Timmy Lor from Sedalia Smith-Cotton snagged a cross from Robbie Mueller (School of the Osage) to drive in a shot on the lower left corner for the first lead of the game.

Trailing 1-0, the Red team looked to recover, but the Blue team weathered the final push, clinging to their lead for a 1-0 win.

McMahon was named the Red team’s MVP, while Lor was named the MVP for the Blue team.

Normally, there would have been a girls’ game also, but due to a lack of commitments, it was canceled. Some of the girls played anyway, with Fulton’s Anna Fink and Southern Boone’s Molly Schiltz taking the field for the Blue team, while Fatima’s Brittany Groner played for the Red team.