After a month of delays, the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the formation of a Community Improvement District (CID) for part of the Shoppes at Eagles’ Landing.

After a month of delays, the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the formation of a Community Improvement District (CID) for part of the Shoppes at Eagles’ Landing.

Included in the CID is a 1-cent sales tax that would be used to fund certain developments and to help pay off the existing Tax Increment Financing debt. Not all of the Eagles’ Landing development is included in the CID, and Menard’s is exempt from the additional tax.

The petition for formation of the CID, filed by Eagles’ Landing owner RIS, Inc., came before the Lake Ozark Board in February. A public hearing was scheduled, but was delayed twice so attorneys could adjust language based on concerns of some aldermen.

The board re-convened the public hearing at Tuesday night’s regular board meeting, and RIS attorney Doug Stone reviewed the changes.

The original petition said the CID would operate for a maximum of 40 years, but aldermen favored a shorter term that reflected the term of the TIF plan, which allowed for formation of a CID. The amended petition sets the termination of the district in 26 years if all reimbursable costs under the TIF agreement have been repaid.

Some concern had been raised about the possible impact of adding one cent to the sales tax at Eagles’ Landing, and the issue came up again Tuesday night. Alderman Judy Neels wondered if the 1-cent additional tax, which puts the Eagles’ Landing sales tax at the highest rate at the lake, might affect sales and thus the health of the TIF plan.

“My concern is that maybe we should keep the tax rate in line with neighboring communities,” Neels said, suggesting a half-cent or three-quarters cent increase.

Stone reminded the board that the higher sales tax was only within the boundaries of the CID.

Implementing the CID 1-cent sales tax will boost the Eagles’ Landing sales tax rate to 8.975 percent, the highest sales tax rate in the area.

Event approvals

Aldermen approved several special event and catering permits for several upcoming events. These include:

•A caterer’s permit for The Resort at Port Arrowhead for cash bar service June 8-9 at Willmore Lodge during the Lake Ozark Boat Race.

•A caterer’s permit for Luck’s Bar & Grill May 3-4 during the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals car show.

•A caterer’s permit for Wise Guys Brew Pub May 3-4 during the car show.

•A caterer’s permit for Casablanca May 17-18 during the Lake of the Ozarks Blues & BBQ weekend.

•A letter of intent to the Missouri Alcohol and Tobacco Division for a new business, Bonefish, at 1500 Bagnell Dam Blvd.

•A special event permit for Kiwanis Club of Ozark Coast May 24 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for Peanut Day.

•A special event permit for Hot Summer Nights on each of May 10, June 14, July 12, Aug. 9 and Sept. 6 from 6 to 11 p.m.

•A special event permit for Lake of the Ozarks Blues & BBQ May 17-18 in the large parking lot by Bagnell Dam.

•A special event permit on behalf of the Bagnell Dam Strip Association for Oma Noma Heritage Festival may 18, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Collective bargaining

Lake Ozark took the first step in allowing for the creation of collective bargaining units by city employees. First reading of an ordinance establishing a procedure was approved by the board, and second reading will be held at the May 14 meeting.

City Administrator Dave Van Dee said approval of the ordinance “does not in any way invite a union, but does not preclude it either.”

Adopting the ordinance addresses potential lawsuit issues and reflects a recent Missouri Supreme Court case.

Other business

The board also:

•Heard an update from Jeff Carroll with the BDSA regarding the June 7-9 Lake Race 2013 boat races.

•Amended the zoning map to rezone property along Rt. 242 from R-1 single family to R-3 multiple dwelling and C-2 general commercial district. A developer plans to build a series of multi-family residential units. The issue already passed the Planning and Zoning Commission.