Constance Lowtharp will square off against incumbent Dwight Franklin and challenger John Page

A last ditch effort to gain support in what has been an otherwise silent uneventful campaign by a candidate for the Camden County sheriff's seat is unlikely to gain any traction.

On Tuesday, one week shy of the November General Election, flyers denouncing the current administration began circulating in Camdenton. The flyers were the first attempt by candidate Constance Lowtharp, Democrat, to garner support. Until the flyers, Lowtharp had not participated in any candidate forums nor has she actively campaigned.

The flyers were misleading in that Lowtharp was not clearly identified as the author of the information. Lowtharp's campaign is apparently being handled by her ex-husband Don Lowtharp.

In an interview with the Lake Sun at the candidate's home in Camdenton, Don Lowtharp said he was the person responsible for distributing the flyers on her behalf. Constance Lowtharp was out-of-town and unavailable for comment.

The information in the flyers takes aim at the prosecuting attorney, incumbent sheriff and deputies referring to current law enforcement as "punk nerds" and "goons."

Although Constance Lowtharp has been asked to share her campaign platform in the weeks leading up to the campaign, she did not. The information in the material distributed this week said she will cut the Camden County Sheriff's Department to "15 or 20 cops are all this little county needs."

Constance Lowtharp describes herself as an opportunity for the people of Camden County.

According to the flyer, She grew up in Rockford, Illinois. She moved to Camdenton 23 years ago. She worked for Sunstrand prior to the plant moving its operations overseas. She was employed as a housekeeper at a lake area resort prior to her retirement.

Lowtharp received 1,059 votes in the August Primary.