To all those who hope, wish, demand that the Tea Party go away, get over it!

To all those who hope, wish, demand that the Tea Party go away, get over it!  The Tea Party is alive and well and some groups have graduated to the next level.  Some have mobilized to help on campaigns for true conservatives running for office or are running for office ourselves.  You will find us organizing in Utah, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oklahoma, No. California, Arizona, and in other States.  In New York, we hear nine new Tea Party organizations formed last year.  We are that red, white and blue haze you have seen.  It’s like the wind, it can’t be contained but you can feel it.  It’s that feeling of  goodwill, kindness, generosity and helpfulness.  It is the feelings of liberty, freedom, and that wonderfully powerful feeling of American Patriotism that the liberals have been trying to brush under the carpet for the last four years.

Eric Reeve states that the downfall of the tea party movement is because of our inability to attract people of color, we just don’t provide for their interests or address their concerns; that those who run for office should distance themselves from the Movement because too many negative connotations are attached to it; that the Tea Party became too exclusive as it was hijacked by the religious right and alienated those who were looking for a new political movement and not a religion.  For someone who never approved of the Tea Party movement since day one, this statement is so self-indulgent.  I pity those who do not understand the difference between faith and religion, liberalism and socialism, individualism and the collective.  Liberals of today live lives of limitations and would feel better about themselves if we all lived their vision of a limited standardized life.  To other liberals it is all about the control of our population.  Well Mr. Reeve, let me say that the key to the “American Idea” is using government to protect equal rights, not to provide equal things.  Everyone should have the liberty, without hindrance from the government, to be what God intended for them.

The office of government is not to confer happiness but to give everyone the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.  Liberals would have you stuffed in a box; a box defined for ethnic, race or gender reasons with specific issues of their choice.  Liberals are those who can not see that what they firmly believe as liberalism adds up to socialism, can scarcely be expected to see what has added up to communism.  This charge enrages them because they can not grasp the differences.  If the liberals feel that patriotism emanating from the Tea Party movement is a religion, so be it.  To the members of the Movement, it is a faith of partisanship and nationalism so strong and profound that it promotes pride in self and thus as a Nation.  For some of us, it transcends into a type of faith.  Our Founders knew and wrote of these feelings in their writings.  American exceptionalism is the idea that governance comes from the People, that our freedoms and liberties come directly from our Creator and not a government body.

Barbara from Harlem and her daughter Bee Bee came to the Camdenton Tea Party rally at the Square and expressed similar beliefs.  Barbara, who is a conservative Democrat,  stated that she was so greatful to be an American, thankful to be able to live a life with freedoms and liberties that America offers,  that we all have the same blood running through our veins that it is red, white, and blue.  She was amazing, visit them on:  At the end of the rally we walked away knowing that America is our name, that our Nation was born in the grip of oppression, we fought for liberty and paid for it with our blood, that freedom is never free, but the door is always open to the oppressed.  We will protect and defend our liberties and freedom.
To give an example that the Tea Party is alive and well;  In Indiana, Rich Mourdoch is 12 points over Senator Lugar a Republican establishment elder.  Lugar supported the bank bailouts, the assault rifle ban, and defended earmarks and ethanol.  He voted for Sotomayor and Kagan.  The Indiana Republicans are looking for a fighter, not a diplomat to represent them.  In Utah, Sen. Orrin Hatch, also an establishment elder, was forced into a primary for the first time in over three decades.  He didn’t receive enough delegates to avoid the primary. 

Hatch voted for the bank bailouts, a children’s health insurance program and various earmarks.  At the local and State level an anti-incumbent fever is emerging.  Barbara said it best when she related it to the national sports leagues.  If a manager doesn’t produce, they are fired, even though they may be very well liked.  It has nothing to do with their race or nationality it’s all about making a winning team.  You don’t “compromise your principles” by giving them another contract, or four more years.

The GOP can build a coalition with the Tea Party movement.  Some in the Republican hierarchy may think they can co-opt the movement, then ignore it, but it won’t work.  The Tea Partiers for the most part are not Republicans.  They are conservatives, libertarians and independents.  They are disenfranchised voters.  They are just as furious with the Republicans as they are with the Democrats.  But, there are vast areas of common ground between the GOP and the Tea Partiers.  Those areas they can build on together are:  lower taxes, shrinking the size of government, cut spending, reducing the debt to mention a few.  The GOP should understand that the Tea Partiers are fiercely independent and they should respect that, while working with them to achieve common goals.  If the Republicans fail to build a coalition with the Movement, the Tea Partiers will most likely become a political force, within the GOP, that will defeat Republican candidates.

Tea Partiers believe in our Constitution.  It is our foundation and a fortress of protection.  We want to return to its founding principals.  We consider it our duty to defend this very fortress that protects us.  Consider the Constitutions immense power yet its fragile vulnerability.  Its built of ancient ink and generations of our precious blood.  This wall of protection is only as strong as our devotion to know it, to live and to safeguard its truths.  This fortress of liberty is built stone by stone on the allegiance and resolve of we, the very people it protects.  One by one united, we are the fortress stone.

-Jane Boyce, Lake Area Conservative Club