Clear violation of law

I usually try to be fair and circumspect when I am asked for my opinions on this forum.  In this case, it appears that the Morgan County Commissioners have blatantly disregarded the state statute and held the county treasurer's salary down to 74% of what it should have been for several years. This is a prime example of good ol' boy politics and the glass ceiling that exits for women in the workplace.  I do not know if she is the only female elected official that serves Morgan County. If she is, she may very well have a good case for sexual discrimination in the workplace.

Ms. Pryor was way too nice in offering to settle for half of the money owed to her without the interest accrued.  Now Morgan County is going to have to pay up big time in attorney's fees, court costs , and possibly a large judgment against them.  It wouldn't surprise me if the state came in and did an audit. Audits don't come cheap either and you never know what they might find when then they start turning over a few rocks.  As I said before, this could also turn into a hallmark sexual discrimination case.

The Morgan County Commissioners and legal counsel have failed to look after the best interests of a fellow employee and the county as a whole. They could have settled this easily out of court, but now are wasting the county resources on a personnel matter and are acting with malice.  My friends, please do remember to vote on election day so that things like this never happen again.

James Hall

All information is needed

This is a difficult issue to take sides on.  The article does not clearly define what the State Statute spells out.  
A problem of this magnitude needs all of the pertinent information to draw a conclusion.

 My one major legal question would be this:  Could not the adjustment in her salary to reflect that of the other elected officials be an admission of past injustice or discrepencies on  the part of the County Commission?

Farrell Thompson

Salary should be based on work

I feel salary should be based on experience, duties and hours per day or week worked.

Although it's my understanding that female workers at the Whitehouse are paid much less than  the men. I don't know if the jobs are similar there.

Brenda Goodman