Camdenton went 2-1 in the Glendale Tournament; Osage finished fourth in its own tournament at home last weekend. Results and more inside.

Here's a recap of the latest tennis action for Camdenton and Osage.


The Lady Indians finished fourth in the Osage tennis tournament on Saturday. Boonville finished first in the five-team event.

With top two players Ashley Uhl and Abby Naudet teaming up, the pair dominated and didn't lose a single game on its way to winning the doubles title. Osage's No. 2 team of Alyssa Moots and Liz Bashore won the consolation bracket and finished fifth in the tournament.

In singles, Kelsey Gordy played No. 1 for Osage and won one match in the consolation bracket. Amy Evans also won a match 8-0 in singles for Osage.

Richland was second, Mexico third and Stoutland fifth.

Osage 9, Smith-Cotton 0 (Aug. 26)

Ashley Uhl (O) def. Chelsey Muths, 8-0.
Abby Naudet (O) def. Kyra Kendrick, 8-0.
Kelsey Gordy (O) def. Mariah Alverson, 8-0.
Alyssa Moots (O) def. Briana Williams, 8-4.
Elizabeth Bashore (O) def. Taylor Clark, 8-1.
Amy Evans (O) def. Bailey Smith, 8-1.
JV2 Alyssa Sahoen (SC) def. Mandee Reahr, 7-5
JV3 Aimee Ekstrom (O) def. Elizabeth Patterson, 7-6 (7-5).

Uhl/Naudet (O) def. Muths/Kendrick, 8-0.
Gordy/Evans (O) def. Alverson/Williams, 8-1.
Moots/Bashore (O) def. Clark/Smith, 8-1.
JV1Ottersen/Reahr (O) def. Carr/Sahoen, 6-3.
JV2 Ottersen/Ekstrom (O) def. Patterson/Moore, 6-1.


The Lady Lakers' tennis team won two out of three matches this past weekend in the Glendale Tournament. Friday, CHS began with a 6-3 loss to Greenwood.

Winners in singles were Miriam and Martha Taylor and Jane Hutchinson. Later Friday, the Lady Lakers beat Glendale's No. 2 team, 6-3. Winners in singles were Katie Burkhardt, Miriam Taylor, Hutchinson, Martha Taylor in a three-set tiebreaker, and Kristie Lotz.

The lone doubles victory came at No. 1 with Burkhardt and Miriam Taylor bringing home the win. CHS traveled back on Saturday morning to play Joplin and won 6-0, clinching the match in singles. Winners were Burkhardt, Miriam Taylor, Kelli Montgomery, Hutchinson, Martha Taylor and Lotz.

Camdenton 8, Hillcrest 1 (Aug. 26)

Breanna Feemster (H) def. Katie Burkhardt, 8-0.
Miriam Taylor (C) def. Shinad Peavey, 8-4.
Kelli Montgomery (C) def. Allyson Moeller, 8-2.
Jane Hutchinson (C) def. Tahoni Waskoviak, 8-1.
Martha Taylor (C) def. Skylar Baker, 8-0.
Kristie Lotz (C) def. Kelsey White, 8-0.

Burkhardt/Hutchinson (C) def. Peavey/McCorkle, 8-5.
Montgomery/Mi. Taylor (C) def. Mills/Feemster, 8-4.
Lotz/Ma. Taylor (C) def. Moeller/Baker, 8-0.

Camdenton JV 8, Hillcrest JV 3.

CHS singles winners
Danica Brewer won the only JV singles match of the evening.

CHS JV doubles winners
Jordan Edwards/Allison Sprenkle, Kristen Fritts/Daniella Lotze, Krista Crockett/Kasey Schaumburg, Lindsey Morice/Kiana Wood, Grace Bommel/Morgan Martin, Ally Hollandsworth/Katie Cocks, Ashley Wolfe/Alex Jenkins.