Cheers to School of the Osage Superintendent Mary Ann Johnson, anyone attendied a weekend fundraiser and to lake-area football fans.

Jeers to To speeders in school zones and bad accounting practices.


To School of the Osage Superintendent Mary Ann Johnson, for her years put in overseeing one of the lake’s largest school districts. Johnson, who recently announced her retirement at the end of this school year, has been with the district for 13 years, seven as superintendent.

To anyone who showed their support last weekend by attending one of the many fundraising events. Hope For The Lake, Packin’ in the Pigskin and more were this weekend, and anyone who came out to support or, better, contribute to these fundraisers deserves an extra cheer.

To lake-area football fans. Football season kicked off with exhibition games at various jamborees in the area, and while lake-area football fans are out cheering on their teams, we’re cheering them for their continued support.

and Jeers...

To speeders in school zones. Young pedestrians are often inattentive, and it’s up to the drivers to remember to do their parts in keeping kids walking to and going home from school safe. Those who ignore the school zone boundaries and speed through them neglectfully get a jeer.

To bad accounting practices. When a city continually overestimates its revenue, there are bound to be moments when it comes back to haunt them. Maybe it’s time to review the books and look at the economy before estimations create a situation that’s too hot to handle.