Anyone with information regarding this vandalism is asked to contact the Morgan County Sheriff's Office at (573) 378-5481.

Vandalism in Gravois Mills had a hate-filled message for passersby. It is a message and an image that officials say do not represent the town.
Gravois Mills trustee Bob Swengrosh believed the vandalism to have occurred late Wednesday night as he had not noticed it when he drove by the area on the day before.
Along with other graffiti markings, KKK was found Thursday morning painted in black on the concession stand at the ball park, according to Gravois Mills village secretary/treasurer John Brooks.
KKK is, of course, presumed to stand for Ku Klux Klan — a long-standing white supremacist organization.
Other markings on the white concrete block structure included the initials L and G together on one side and what has been determined to be the name of a local minor, Brooks said. The minor is not believed to be involved in the incident, he added.
Another Gravois Mills trustee, Jack Feller, speculated that someone drove up on a four wheeler or other type of ATV after he observed tracks in the grass on Thursday along the narrow path between the road and the concession stand.
The village will likely repaint the building, though there are no cost estimates at this time.
"That [damages cost] is not nearly as significant as the KKK being up there," Brooks commented. "We're trying to change the image of the town, and we don't want this image."
Located on Troutdale Rd. by the VFW Post, the ball park was recently renovated with funds from the village government as part of its effort to clean up the town. The board of trustees also recently passed two nuisance ordinances regulating waste and weeds on properties within the small municipality.
Brooks asked anyone with information on the vandalism to contact the Morgan County Sheriff's Office at (573) 378-5481.
He would like to see it prosecuted as a hate crime.
"The town will be fully behind prosecuting this to the fullest extent possible," Brooks said. "We don't want this in our neighborhood."