Two of the three candidates for Camden County Clerk appeared at the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce quarterly breakfast in a Missouri Ozarks Community Action-sponsored forum. Incumbent Rowland Todd meets challenger Kevin Rucker in the August primary. Republican voters will decide between the two to face-off against Democrat-candidate James Hooshon in the November election. Hooshon did not speak at the breakfast.

Kevin Rucker (R)
• Challenger
• Osage Beach Alderman, former Osage Beach Fire Chief, Lake Area Chamber of Commerce board member, small business owner
Rucker says his diverse background and public service experience gives him a good understanding of what county clerks do.
"I've been involved with the clerk's office — the Camden County clerk, Miller County, Jefferson County clerk when I was a fire chief up in the St. Louis area, and the St. Louis County clerk system. So I've been able to be a participant from the other side of the counter, so to speak, with the clerk's office, and working with them, and seeing the needs they have, seeing the challenges and the issues that need to be taken care of," Rucker said.
Rucker taught fire service technology at the junior college level.
"I feel that's important because, obviously, there is teaching involved for the judges, for the election judges and workers," Rucker said.
In his brief speech, Rucker also told the crowd about his experience with the Missouri Fire Chiefs Association.
"It gives you an opportunity to interact with the governmental officials up in Jeff City, which is another part of the process," Rucker said.

Rowland Todd (R)
• Incumbent
"I came before you eight years ago seeking the office of the county clerk, and I'll tell you what, it's been a wonderful eight years. I have enjoyed working for you," Todd said.
Todd pointed out that the clerk's office does little to draw attention to itself with the exception of key election years.
"The clerk's office is an ongoing job. There are changes every day, especially for elections, which is really about the only time that our office is even acknowledged out in the community. Elections are a very important part of our community, of our life, because that's about the only freedom we have is the right to vote," Todd said.
In recent years, Todd worked out cooperative agreements with surrounding counties for smaller elections. Clerks and election workers from other counties sometimes cross county lines so that one office administers an entire school board or fire protection district election. The county clerks struck the agreement to help save money.
"One thing I have never forgotten is who I work for, and I work for you all," Todd told the Chamber of Commerce crowd.