Slovenia's Jure Robic won the Solo Male title in the Race Across America event. Barbara Buatois of France finished first among solo females.

Final results from the Race Across America cycling event.

Solo Female
1. Barbara Buatois, France, 11d 19h 48m
2. Sabrina Bianchi, Italy, 12 d 16 h 51m
3. Michele Santilhano, South Africa, 12d 19h 1m

Solo Male (Under 50)
1. Jure Robic, Slovenia, 9d 1h 1m
2. Gerhard Gulewicz, Austria, 9d 12h 51m
3. Matthew Warner-Smith, Australia, 9d 15h 3m
4. Tony O'Keefe, Canada, 10d 8h 36m
5. Thomas Strebel, Switzerland, 10d 10h 3m
6. Kevin Kaiser, USA, 10d 17h 52m
7. Rob Morlock, USA, 10d 23h 20m
8. Michael Nehls, Germany, 11d 1h 37m
9. Ferenc Szonyi, Hungary, 11d 3h 13m
10. Julian Sanz, Spain, 11d 5h 4m

Solo Male (50-59)
1. Timothy Woudenberg, USA, 10d 23h 14m

Team Winners

2-Person Male
Biking Vikings, Denmark, 6d 23h 28m
4-Person Male (Under 50), Inc., USA, 6d 3h 9m

4-Person Mixed (Under 50)
All Wheels 4 Fibromyalgia, USA, 6d 5h 21m

4-Person Female (50-59)
Kalyra Women Race Team, USA, 7d 10h 35m

4-Person Male (50-59)
Hoosiers, USA, 6d 16h, 44m

4-Person Mixed (50-59)
Team JDRF, USA, 6d 14h 55m

4-Person Open
Team FARA, USA, 8d 8h 14m

8-Person Open
Team Type 1, USA, 5d 10h 48m

Note: Race started in California and ended in Maryland and went through Camdenton on Highway 54 last week.