Here's who's running for elected office this spring

We strive for accuracy in our coverage of the election including the compilation of this list. However, if you see an error, please contact us at or at 573-346-2132. Please note that some races have been purposefully left off the list because they are considered uncontested.

 Here's who's running for elected office this spring:

* denotes incumbent



City of Camdenton
Ward I - One 2-year term
Geraldine (Gerry) Rector*
Ward II - One 2-year term
Scott Frandsen*
Sandy Gentry
Ward III - One 2-year term
John D. McNabb*

City of Eldon
Ward I - One 2-year term
Deborah L. Gore
Jack Owen *
Ward II - One 2-year term
Sharon Cole
Dan Strickland
Larry Salsman
Ira W. Mays
Ward III - One 2-year term
Chris Scott*
Roger A. Smith
City Marshal - One 4-year term
Rodney Fair *
Kevin Virgin

Village of Four Seasons
Three 2-year terms
Gordon O. Ellison*
Arnold A. Sandbothe*
Chuck Beckum
Terry J. Roets
Cynthia Lonergan

Village of Gravois Mills
Three 2-year terms
Jack R. Feller*
Robert Swengrosh
Mary B. Shipley*

City of Lake Ozark
Ward I - One 2-year term
Donald P. Langley, Jr.*
Ward II - One 2-year term
Lawrence L. Buschjost*
Ward III - One 2-year term
Jeff L. Van Donsel*
Moran Rice
Bill Bolin
Sean P. Murphy

City of Laurie
Mayor - One 2-year term
Chuck Chorpening*
Peggy L. Huffman
Barbara Newton
Ward I - One 2-year term
Robin D. Fish
Greg Lux
Ward II - One 2-year term
Herb Keck

City of Linn Creek
Mayor - One 2-year term
J.S. (Jack) Thornhill*
Ward I - One 2-year term
Mary Kay Pittman*
Ward I - One 1-year term
Christopher Thompson
Ward II - One 2-year term

City of Macks Creek
Alderman (at large) - Two 2-year terms
Jhayne Schiff-Rodriguez (Waters)*
P. Dee Seaton*

City of Osage Beach
Mayor - One 2-year term
Penny Lyons*
Ward I - One 2-year term
Kevin Rucker*
Ward II - One 2-year term
Lois Farmer*
Ward III - One 2-year term
David J. Gasper*
Collector - One 2-year term
John M. Berry*

City of Stover
Alderman (at large) - Two 2-year terms
Cody Worthley
Eckie Knierim
Collector - One 2-year term
Sharon Fry
Lillian Dowell

Village of Sunrise Beach
Two 2-year terms
Ray “Chip” Kline
Ted Hoover*

City of Versailles
North Ward - One 4-year term
Steven E. Fields*
Donny Hibdon
South Ward - One 4-year term
Joann Mayor
Dee Dee Williams*
Betty "Ann" Laughlin

School Boards

Camdenton R-III School District
Two 3-year terms
Nancy A. Masterson*
Tom Spradling
Jim (Mr. B) Besancenez
Bill Moulder
Bernie Mowinski

Eldon R-I School District
Two 3-year terms
Michael Kriegshauser*
Timothy R. Flora
Henry L. Weinmeister Jr.
Robbin Griffith

Macks Creek R-V School District
One 2-year term
Kenny Whitworth*
One 3-year term
Daniel T. Schmidt
Brenda Carnahan
Phillip Clopton
Misty Gould-Hicks

Morgan County R-I (Stover) School District
Shall the Board of Education of the Morgan County R-I School District, Missouri, without an estimated increase in the current debt service property tax levy, borrow money in the amount of Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,500,000) for the purpose of providing funds for the construction, equipping and furnishing of additional classrooms and science lab at the high school and a cafeteria/multi-purpose room at the elementary school; to complete safety and security improvements and technology infrastructure upgrades; the installation of lighting and fencing to the soccer field; to the extent that funds are available, to acquire land for a future building site, and issue bonds, a portion of which may include Qualified School Construction Bonds and Qualified Zone Academy Bonds in an amount not to exceed an allocation from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, for the payment thereof? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the School District is estimated to remain unchanged at $0.38 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Fire Districts

Gravois FPD
One 6-year term
Johnie I. Ray*
Nina Gennetten

Mid-County FPD
Two 6-year terms
David W. Edwards*
Gary E. Cuendet
Michael J. High
Paul E. Thompson

Shall the Board of Directors of the Mid County Fire Protection District be authorized to levy an additional tax of not more than thirty cents on the one hundred dollars assessed valuation to provide funds for the support of the district?

Northwest FPD
Two 2-year terms
Roger Leas
Tomas D. Mitchell
One 4-year term
Beth Butler
Paul Arnsmeyer*
Two 6-year terms
James Collins
Jennifer Walker
Wendell L. Parrish*
John Shireman*

Osage Beach FPD
One 2-year term
Rich Martin*
Joseph A. Kinnaman
One 4-year term
Richard Goedde
Stephen T. Dow
William (Bill) J. LaCasse*
One 6-year term
Anthony J. Cicerelli*
Robert F. O'Keefe

Sunrise Beach FPD
One 6-year term
Annette Petersen*
Robert Hemen

Ambulance Districts

Cam-Mo Ambulance
Subdistrict 3 - One 3-year term
Jim Neff
Donald B. Winfrey*

Mid-Mo Ambulance
Subdistrict 6 - One 3-year term

Road Districts

Kaiser Special Road District
One 3-year term
Donald P. Langley
Milo Healy

Gravois Special Road District
Shall the Gravois Special Road District #8 of Morgan County continue the levy of a tax rate of ten (10) cents on the hundred dollar valuation for a period of four (4) years? This is not an increase of the present rate.