Tri-County Lodging Association back before Camden County voters, Mid-County FPD seeks levy increase; Linn Creek, Sunrise Beach seek sewer bond issue approval

Several taxing entities have placed issues on the ballot for voters to consider along with April’s municipal elections.
As expected, the Tri-County Lodging Association is asking for a 2-percent increase in the lodging tax within the boundaries of the Camden County business district.
TCLA has been looking into the tax issue since it failed in two counties in 2008. Voters in Morgan and Camden counties turned down a 2-percent increase in the overnight lodging tax in June 2008 while Miller County voters approved the measure.
If it passes, Miller and Camden counties would be on a level playing field. Morgan County would stay at 3 percent.
The Mid-County Fire Protection District board will be asking voters within the fire district to raise the tax levy to 30 cents per $100 of assessed valuation to provide funds for the support of the district.
Meanwhile, the Osage Beach Fire Protection District will be setting straight a clerical issue that came up on this year’s state auditor’s report.
Because of interpretation over ballot language, the auditor’s office accused the district of over-collecting on taxes and red-flagged the district as non-compliant.
By fixing the language in the April election, the district would be taken off that list.
April’s ballot language asks voters to again approve raising the general revenue tax rate from $0.4934 to $0.5934 per $100 assessed valuation but lower the debt service tax rate from $0.1047 to $0 per $100 assessed valuation. The total annual tax rate would lower from $0.5981 to $0.5934 per $100 assessed valuation.
Within the city of Osage Beach, a measure has been placed on the ballot to change the city collector position from an elective office to an appointive office. If it passes, the mayor can appoint someone to the position, with consent from the board of aldermen, effective April 7, 2010.
Linn Creek and Sunrise Beach have similar actions for voters. Both are asking voters to approve bonds to cover the costs of water and sewer systems within the municipalities. 
In Linn Creek, the city is asking for $2 million in water and sewer bonds.
Sunrise Beach is asking for $8 million in water and sewer bonds.
The last day to place something on the ballot was the close of business Tuesday.
Pending no major problems, county clerks expect certification to take place later this week with sample ballots printed and returned sometime next week.