The lake level was 657.2; planned releases 900 CFS during the  week should raise the lake to 657.4 through the weekend. Surface temperature at Bagnell Dam was 58 degrees; coves were 54 to 60 degrees depending on the time of day. Truman Lake is at normal pool. 


The Lower Osage is from the dam to the 22-mile mark; Mid-Lake is between the 22 and 38-mile marks; the Upper Osage is between the 38 and the Rt. 65 Bridge.


Poor to fair around docks, try nightcrawler pieces, Berkley Gulp Crickets or Gulp Earthworm Pieces.


Lower Osage: Good around dock brush 15 feet deep using jigs. Glaize Arm: Fair around bridge pilings on minnows. Gravois Arm: Fair along docks 5 to 10-feet deep over brush. Mid-Lake: Very good for quantity and size on black crappie, try shooting docks. Niangua Arm: Fair, fish are scattered. Try blue-and-white jigs or minnows. Upper Osage: Fair on bluffs 12 to 15-feet deep using minnows.


Lower Osage: Fair on jug lines using skipjack herring. Glaize Arm: Fair, try deep coves with nightcrawlers or chicken livers. Gravois Arm: Fair, catching several fish accidentally on bass crankbaits. Mid-Lake: Fair, try drifting windblown coves with cut bait on a rod and reel 30 feet deep or jug lines 10 feet deep. Niangua Arm: Fair in the evening with traditional baits fished 8 to 10-feet deep. Little Niangua River: No reported fish yet. Upper Osage: Good for blue cats fishing with nightcrawlers.


Lawyer and Hewkin won the 3 day Fishing and Golf tourney; Sykora and Capstick had Big Bass at 6.31 pounds. Blankenship won the USA Bassin’ tourney with 15.71 pounds; Lawrence and Weeg had Big Bass at 6.58 pounds. Lower Osage: Try squarebills like the Booyah Flex II work well toward the back of coves where fish are chasing shad. Glaize Arm: Fair on squarebill crankbaits around docks. Gravois Arm: Fair on jigs during the day around docks. Mid-Lake: Fair, fish are scattered and can be caught on a number of baits like squarebills, crankbaits, jigs, and topwaters. Niangua Arm: Fair, try squarebills around docks and in the backs of windblown coves. Little Niangua River: No reported fish. Upper Osage: Poor, no reported fish.


Lower Osage: Good in coves where they chase shad, try squarebills and small jerkbaits. Glaize Arm: Fair, watch for them to chase shad on windblown points. Gravois Arm: Some fish are in larger coves, try squarebills or jerkbaits. Mid-Lake: Good on windblown main lake points with a white Berkley’s grub cast to very shallow water. Niangua Arm: No reported fish. Little Niangua River: Shad are moving into the river, whites should follow soon. Upper Osage: Good, fish are becoming active on windblown points chasing shad, try Mepps spinners or chrome spoons.


Bagnell Tailwater – Osage Beach Bait & Tackle (573-348-9333); Lower Osage – Alhonna Resort (573-365-2634), Big Ed’s Guide Service (573-692-6710); Midlake – Guide Jack Uxa (573-434-2570: Gravois – Ozark Bait & Tackle (573-207-8764); Niangua Arm – Darrell Taylor; Upper Osage – Guide John Blankenbeker (573-280-1455); Little Niangua River – Greenmill Campground, (573-363-5577); Upper Osage – Bryants Osage Outdoors, (573-374-2278) and Guide Anthony Ford (660-438-5714): Truman Tailwater – Cody’s Bait & Tackle (660-438-7664); Lake Level (573-365-9205); Tournament Results – Thanks to