Eldon senior Trenton Dillon and his sophomore brother Kaiden do not intend to hold anything back this season.

After all, it is the first and only year that the brothers get to play together on the gridiron so they plan on making the most of every single moment and making the season a special one to remember. It begins in practice where the brothers always look to hold each other 100 percent accountable.

“Whenever he is struggling in practices, I notice just because he is my brother. I notice because of his body gesture, how he is acting and I always ask him, ‘What is going on?’” Trenton said. “I’m looking out for him and if I feel like I’m not working very hard, I try to find him to see how hard he is working and push myself even harder.”

Kaiden returns the favor and noted that the accountability can also extend to the team in general.

“I think if we both work together, it makes us stronger and shows our team how to work and be a family,” the sophomore said. “If we both work really hard, then it pushes our teammates to work just as hard, if not harder than us.”

The work ethic is nothing new for the brothers though as they learned a lesson or two from their father Lonnie who also played high school football.

“He always pulls us aside before a game and talks to us about how to get prepared and mentally ready for it,” Trenton remarked. “He told us what he did when he was a kid and was about to play.”

Trenton, who plays running back and defensive back, is playing his second year of football for the Mustangs. Meanwhile, Kaiden, who was injured as a freshman, plays along the offensive and defensive lines so their success is largely dependent on one another. This season has been just as special for the Dillon family to watch as it has been for the brothers to experience out on the field.

“Watching both of them out on the football field and at practice, as brothers they’ve come together tremendously,” Lonnie said. “I think it shows on the field. Trenton has Kaiden’s back and Kaiden has Trenton’s back, especially since they play next to each other on defense. As a parent and a fan, it is just awesome to watch seeing both of your kids out there and how they’ve grown up together in this last year of football… Ultimately, we don’t know how to word it. It is bittersweet and I’m glad they are out there on the same field.”

Now, there is just one thing left to do.

“Win every game up to a district championship, win that game and try to keep pushing forward,” Kaiden said of their goals.

If they continue to display the same work ethic that has helped the team go 5-1 so far this season, they may very well have a chance to do just that.