Versailles sophomore Ryan Chamberlain and his freshman brother Ty have often been around a football.

Their introduction to the game came in kindergarten as they began competing in flag football and would later make their way to the middle school level and eventually find themselves competing under the Friday night lights. Being separated by just a year, they have enjoyed every step of the journey.

“Not very often do you get to play with a brother at this close of an age so it is pretty great,” Ryan stated. “We love every bit of it, even the conditioning. Not very often do you get to have a chance like this.”

Ryan plays along the offensive and defensive lines while Ty plays as a wide receiver and defensive back for the Tigers. Although they play different positions, the two Chamberlains are brothers so naturally they are pretty competitive with each other on the field. However, with a year of experience under his belt, Ryan will also look out for the young freshman as he shows him the ropes.

“We look out for each other quite a bit,” Ryan noted. “We lift each other up quite a bit. If he gets knocked down, I’ll be right there picking him up and saying, ‘Hey you’ll get it next time.’”

The Chamberlains are just one part of the brotherhood that makes up this team. While teammates may come and go, the bond they share between each other will have an opportunity to flourish even more as they play together and look out for each other over the next three years. Ty may be a man of few words, but he shares that same exact sentiment as his older brother.

“The bonding just gets bigger and bigger as we get older,” Ryan pointed out. “That tight bond is just going to get bigger and bigger.”

It is a notion the football team certainly welcomes and the Chamberlains will be looking to make the most of it.